Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

4 jackdaws longing for fried potatoes

4 jackdaws longing for fried potatoes photo by Frizztext

Real Wildlife? I admit, the quartet is not as dangerous as 4 eagles, 4 tigers, 4 lions, 4 crocodiles or 4 sharks! But I’m sure they boldly could say NO! NO!! NO!!! to French fried potatoes if they would decide so! Nevertheless, on this evening in the Alps the 4 jackdaws were longing instantly for fried potatoes. They look as if they even could break into a begging song to get some more chips (I already had given in that moment a third of my meal to them!): I won’t say, they can sing in harmony like the BEATLES, the BEACH BOYS, the BEE GEES or the famous GOLDEN GATE QUARTET, but I think, in their heart they felt like being an effective gang – a hang-glider gang, worth to get some fried potatoes after the day’s work was done. P.S.: We are 1.850 meters high on that mountain “Jenner”, Berchtesgaden, sporty isn’t it? I have to admit: them with their own muscles, me using a cable car…

I like the weekly photo challenge at wordpress.com – below the photos I’ve used in the meantime:
Escape, 1989/Nov/9+Honeymooners+Montaigne+abandoned palace
Loft Light+hammock+HARRY, the traveler dog+JazzCafe METEOR
Light In A Curve+Old Venice+Architecture, Antwerp+roof-climbing

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33 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

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  2. Ooo! I do love birds! Great view! 🙂


  3. Smart birds, those guys! GREAT shot and those mountains, siiiiiiiiiigh, feels like home 🙂


  4. Great shot of the jackdaws – and the view behind them is gorgeous! wonder if they ever got any fried potatoes?


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  6. They look scary, but I love the yellow color by the way 🙂


  7. No wonder they look so happy! 🙂


  8. They remind me of the scene from Dumbo when the crows sing! Great pic!


  9. wow this picture kicks ass…
    they are perfectly lined up. i love the colors of their beaks … amazing contrast with the black feathers.
    and the background? i dropped my jaw!!! gorgeous!



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  11. I enjoyed it. There are many black birds in my neighborhood. They are callous.


  12. Fine shot! Great background and composition.


  13. InsideJourneys



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  16. http://www.life.com/gallery/52491/2010-pictures-of-the-year?xid=weeklytopten#index/22
    Horses are herded to safety away from a wave of volcanic ash on April 17 near Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland.


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  20. Alana

    Wow! What an incredible shot! Love it! 🙂


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