Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance


we own too much! there is so much ignored abundance, wealth, opulence; there are so many forgotten resources, riches … wonderful buildings arise and fall again, completely ignored – like human beings …
Loft Light

Loft Light Originally uploaded by Frizztext

This old factory does not exist anymore. A new, ugly building has been built on that place. I am sad. Why wasn’t there a new chance for a dance hall, a library, even a café? Forget it: first abandoned, then destroyed, then carried away. No funeral. Only this photo as a document …


abandoned palace
title=”abandoned palace” / Beelitz-Heilstaetten near BERLIN by Barbara Fritze at Frizztext on Flickr

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33 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

  1. a great shot – I like the juxtaposition of the older (windows, floor) and the newer (drapes)


  2. What a beautiful building!! What a sad sad loss 😦


  3. Oh yes, it’s a disgrace to deconstruct such soulfully buildings. Doesn’t matter if they are protected as historic architectural monument – crash them down and install a uniformly anonymous bureau area.

    Für mich ist http://www.leerstehende-baudenkmale.de (mit allen darum gruppierten Projekten) immer einen Blick wert …


  4. Look at that space and light. I would love to live in a place like that.


  5. hi thanks for checking out my blog site. liked your shots! =)


  6. Pseu

    What fantastic light. So sad it has gone.


  7. I love the light gradation in the 2nd pic…
    It’s nice


  8. It’s such a shame when sterile, soulless buildings replace elegant old ones… The photos are stunning!


  9. Szle26

    Such a stunning environment! Really sad to see somewhere with so much character no doubt replaced with a building that is clinical, characterless, and utterly too practical. What happened to creativity!!


  10. I sincerely enjoyed the photos the top one bing my favorite. i like the leading lines of the light coming threw the windows. crazy how we build and build and then destroy to rebuild.


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  30. vastlycurious.com

    Spectacular and so sad that it is gone. I am REALLY behind on your A-Z challenge!


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