Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance


we own too much! there is so much ignored abundance, wealth, opulence; there are so many forgotten resources, riches … wonderful buildings arise and fall again, completely ignored – like human beings …
Loft Light

Loft Light Originally uploaded by Frizztext

This old factory does not exist anymore. A new, ugly building has been built on that place. I am sad. Why wasn’t there a new chance for a dance hall, a library, even a café? Forget it: first abandoned, then destroyed, then carried away. No funeral. Only this photo as a document …


abandoned palace
title=”abandoned palace” / Beelitz-Heilstaetten near BERLIN by Barbara Fritze at Frizztext on Flickr

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33 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

  1. vastlycurious.com

    Spectacular and so sad that it is gone. I am REALLY behind on your A-Z challenge!


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  21. I sincerely enjoyed the photos the top one bing my favorite. i like the leading lines of the light coming threw the windows. crazy how we build and build and then destroy to rebuild.


  22. Szle26

    Such a stunning environment! Really sad to see somewhere with so much character no doubt replaced with a building that is clinical, characterless, and utterly too practical. What happened to creativity!!


  23. It’s such a shame when sterile, soulless buildings replace elegant old ones… The photos are stunning!


  24. I love the light gradation in the 2nd pic…
    It’s nice


  25. Pseu

    What fantastic light. So sad it has gone.


  26. hi thanks for checking out my blog site. liked your shots! =)


  27. Look at that space and light. I would love to live in a place like that.


  28. Oh yes, it’s a disgrace to deconstruct such soulfully buildings. Doesn’t matter if they are protected as historic architectural monument – crash them down and install a uniformly anonymous bureau area.

    Für mich ist http://www.leerstehende-baudenkmale.de (mit allen darum gruppierten Projekten) immer einen Blick wert …


  29. What a beautiful building!! What a sad sad loss :(


  30. a great shot – I like the juxtaposition of the older (windows, floor) and the newer (drapes)


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