Weekly Photo Challenge: Red


London Red photo by Frizztext

I liked the version of the AEC Routemaster with the open door: you could jump in like cowboys, entering a running horse… [frizztext] comment by marineavoile / Marine Armstrong: I have seen one of those turned into a two-story mobile home, parked in the forest along the Atlantic Coast. It appealed to me. They do have a magical side to them, even for the younger generations now thanks to Harry Potter.

I like the weekly photo challenge at wordpress.com – below the photos I’ve used in the meantime:
Escape, 1989/Nov/9+Honeymooners+Montaigne+abandoned palace
Loft Light+hammock+HARRY, the traveler dog+JazzCafe METEOR
Light In A Curve+Old Venice+Architecture, Antwerp+roof-climbing
risky+4 jackdaws longing for fried potatoes

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21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

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  2. myblogject

    Fabulous photo. Great iconic vehicle brought to life.


  3. Ahhh! yes, a Routemaster… As a Londoner I thought I’d better leave that one alone;-) Nice colour and I like the crop you’ve done – focuses the attention on the details very well.


  4. You just reminded me of a 20-yr old photo I have to dig out, an old locomotive at the Sacramento Museum of….??? IDK …Sacramento??? 😛 thanks for a nice shot!


  5. Very nice shot of a very important London icon!


  6. George

    the only red in public transport, from the old country ware the trams (probably still are).
    But I can have been intrigued myself by th elook of the two-level busses, and the English passenger side driver seat: I’d be lost


  7. Great red picture.


  8. Memories… 🙂 London is filled with things in the color red… 🙂


  9. Really red and beautiful


  10. beautiful. I just went back in time to 2002 when I visited London 🙂


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  13. when I was looking through all the weekly photo challenges–I don’t know how I missed this great photo. the vehicle is so shiny and you’ve really captured that


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