Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

change the direction!
Change the direction! photo by Frizztext
Lines: Walk the line, walk YOUR line – but: Will the circle, be unbroken? Are we strong enough to leave those old circle lines? Can we wake up the big courage in our bones, to start a new behavior, walking straight forward into the new? CHANGE? Yes, we can …
a second photo related to the topic LINES, title=”rusty roots” by Frizztext:
rusty roots
third example, title=”Architecture, train station Antwerp, Belgium” by Frizztext
Architecture, Antwerp
the train station in Antwerp, Belgium: they put the new station below the old one, not destroying the old architecture, cautiously adding the new technologies below the old walls; I think, that has been difficult (and expensive). A similar project failed in the German city Stuttgart (Mercedes, Porsche), because the citizens made a revolt versus the high costs (billions…)
fourth, title=”Architect: KLEIHUES, Germany” photo by Barbara F.
Architect: KLEIHUES, Germany
fifth, title=”Mondrian’s descendants – NYC map” painting, acrylic on canvas by Frizztext
Mondrian's descendants - NYC map
painted by myself, acrylic on canvas (1mx1,20m) as a tribute to the last ideas of Piet Mondrian in that cold winter,
New York 1944, short before he died … P.S.: the diagonal – you will never find such a diagonal in Mondrian’s art, is my personal idea to feature the broadway; the green square above (you will never find this in a Mondrian composition) is the Central Park, the green-red square below: Washington Square …

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34 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

  1. Love all those lines… especially architecturally!


    • well, you know, Eliz, one of our daughters is an architect, so it is a MUST for us, to observe what architects are developing;
      the train station in Antwerp, Belgium: they put the new station below the old one, not destroying the old architecture, cautiously adding the new technologies below the old walls; I think, that has been difficult (and expensive). A similar project failed in the German city Stuttgart (Mercedes, Porsche), because the citizens made a revolt versus the high costs (billions…)


  2. Love that glorious red teapot – I’m off to get a cuppa 🙂

    Liked the others too!


  3. I like all the photos.Thank you for sharing.


  4. The teapot is an absolute “summer-sunshine-good-mood” pic, love it!


  5. All of the photos are nice. I especially like the Antwerp station in Belgium. Great painting as well Frizz.


  6. Love the photos. You made me realize I was a bit too narrow in my perception of lines to be “straight lines.”


  7. Great photos Frizz… I love the fact that lines can show perspective and intensify the scale of things…


  8. Jackie Paulson 1966

    I love your photos, and the added links to all the other photo’s too. Lines…I guess I like curves better.


  9. You have some rally nice, bold shots!


  10. wow, very impressive!!! good job!!


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  14. impressive… to say the least.


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  20. This time your weekly photo challenge is, sorry, 2nd to my prvious causative experience on lines in visual art. Of course it is never too late for second servings. I have been drawn into line, not rank, already yesterday by a visual artist. Ever since I was impressed by his work cycle I see, increasingly, work with lines, while I am not at all into this at the time being. I wonder where you mood liners will take me in my endeavor. Into the wake of line? That would bring me to deserting my future, lineless, creative creating track. In your photo ”rusty roots” I find mainly effusiveness in the mood of lines. There is some more, other, mood in your photo, which I try to position in my universe of moods in lines. I work on it. Ah, that could be something “embracing grip on some abandoned usefulness growing out” of that rusting away effusive concept of some past purpose. Perhaps here a new poem cries in the cradle for nourishment. If I can’t make it visual I try to write it into becoming visual through symbols of letters. That is a great series for starved eyes! Perhaps I better train them more on line.


  21. ”Mondrian’s descendants – NYC map” painting, acrylic on canvas by Frizztext: It seems I am being consumed by your approach to LINE here. Mondrian was a causative creating or visualizing man of line and color. Some may think of “line up” and gray asphalt tracks which have assimilated all public traffic, say street live. That was inspiration at effect. Others may try to stand in the surf of a monotonous “rank!” like a rock. What a brittle effort. I have been scared to death myself in my youth to become assimilated by the straight jacket freedom mongers and the intellectual burgers who can’t rewrite Rilke’s Panther causatively abstract. Line and color is a multivalent significance. Its meanings, abounding values and universal appeal has the potential service differential worth to squeeze the guts of our present opinion makers maxims through. Well now, we know opinion, today, is fabricated with little applications which compose it from symbols, two symbols to be exact and in that, simply speaking, one entity basically, Call it 0 versus 1, minus, plus, dualism. This reveals what opinion and significance, to embrace the concept, consists of. That was not different in the days of Mondrian. If I would meet Mondrian today, I would need no more than five minutes for a complete exchange of our basic ideas on how it can be done. It has never changed. It must be done, under duress, caused by one’s personal demand imposed upon oneself or the demand from other cause that brings nothing but hardship to the whole endeavor. No painter since Mondrian was spared by that cruelty. He was a brave warrior of his own cause and only for that reason his work is eternal and his people’s attention is still in his grip. If anything survives a great painter then it is this causative cause we are talking about. Effective cause got to be causative, because effect causes against our own cause.


    • vielen Dank, Frank!
      ich habe auf deinen Webseiten eine jahrelange ernsthafte malerische Arbeit entdeckt:
      Gratulation für deine konsequente Art beim Thema zu bleiben!


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