If Today Would Be Your Last Day

I do not own any copyrights on this backing track but I liked to add my lyrics to the guitar of Tytlblues / Tom Adams – listen to the music (an open collab) without my vocals: https://soundcloud.com/ytlblues/my-old-friendopen-collab
lyrics, written by myself:
If today would be your last day, what would you do?
Once again, admiring a big tree?
Look at the water as it flows?
Or the clouds as they draw?
If today would be your last day,
which book would you take in hand again,
listening to which song,
which picture would you want to look at one last time?
If today would be your last day,
whom would you tell it?
Your family? Your friends?
Or would you sneak up quietly,
like the other day the cat,
when she realized that she was very sick?


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