Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

WINTER is like a reset button: time to stop the journey and think it all over …
the end of the line
photo by frizztext for the weekly photo challenge WINTER (No. 48) – click on the image to enter the collection of frizztext at flickr.com

A) completely all the weekly-photo-challenges by frizztext
B) http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/weekly-photo-challenge-winter-2/ (No. 48)
2Cadillac3unsold cars covered with snow
4C = Cat (on the road again)5snowy village
6end of the dreams7Pieter Breughel reloaded...
8typewriter's time is gone?9waiting for warm socks
10cat rescued in my arms11dinner cat
12winter13ready for a ride
14sunrise barn15icy

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