She’s Leaving Home

I like the Beatles’ ballad “She’s leaving home” very much. Parents usually don’t like to let their kids leaving home – on the other hand they have to accept that kind of growth, because that’s the way life goes. Cats like this attitude too. They are leaving home in anger – till they come back, begging for food and attention …
Ineke Kamps, a photographer from The Netherlands, has created a wonderful postcard with focus on this “leaving-home” mood: click on the picture to enter Ineke’s flickr galleries!
comment there: “…in 1967, young people were moving beyond the moral, societal and spiritual fences established by prior generations. It is meant to be a song of liberation, freedom, and progress. Now that I’m of parenting age, however,…”

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21 responses to “She’s Leaving Home

  1. Oh, what did Ineka do wrong? 🙂
    Priceless shot Frizz! Thank you for sharing this with us.


  2. Es passt nur teiweise zum thema:
    Wenn meine katzen einen koffer sehen wissen sie dass das herrl oder frauerl verreisen wird und deshalb setzen sie sich dann auf den koffer oder wenn derselbe bereits offen und mit inhalt versehen ist, in den koffer. Ob sie damit die abreise verhindern wollen oder mit verreisen wollen kann ich nicht sagen.
    Miauh miauh


  3. This is one beautiful fat cat!


  4. kz

    hi thanks for sharing your awesomeness ^^ i nominated you for an award it’s ok whether you choose to participate or not. I’d still think you’re awesome anyway ^^ cheers!


    • 1)If I only had one day to live _____I would walk with my wife to the river
      2)The theme song of my life is _____”Loves me like a rock”, Paul Simon
      3)The quality in another person that attracts me the most _____is: able to make dialogues
      4)Before I go to bed I ____enjoy to comment TV ironically together with my wife
      5)If I could live in another place and time, I’d be in _____Athens, 500 BC
      6)A perfect world would be _____without military
      7)Can’t live without my ______daily wordpress blog
      8)I want to be remembered as ______a good father
      9)I would never get tired of eating ______spaghetti carbonara
      10)If there’s such thing as reincarnation, I’d be a _____cat!


  5. What a lovely postcard to illustrate “Leaving-home”


  6. A very clever image!


  7. This cat is very good at striking a pose 🙂 Wish my little one is the same LOL


  8. Thanks for bringing Ineke to our attention, she’s a great photographer. That cat looks so grumpy, like a teenager sulking and threatening to run away from home!


  9. blueberriejournal

    That’s a big cat…


  10. Dietmar, thanks for posting my photo. Kedi is a great model and she always likes to sit on and in things gladly, so she’s easy to photograph 🙂 It’s not a postcard though, I’m not sure what you mean by that, maybe that it would be a good idea for one?


  11. I love this picture. Thanks for visiting and the like 🙂


  12. LOL – awesome photo! Kitty has probably packed kitty toys and treats in her luggage.
    We don’t have cats. Our neighbors have cats that leave their home everyday and come to our yard. They often have their eyes on the bird feeders thinking of how they can get one of the birds for lunch/dinner.


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