I’m surprised by the good service of the browser app from – it’s not easy for me to write English because I’m German. I started to learn English by writing a daily blog. In English, because in my hometown the politicians did not allow to use the title “COME TOGETHER” for a local music festival. They forced the musicians to use the German language. Since I write consistently English. And I’m happy because I noticed: I have readers and they do understand me. I have to admit that I’m surprised because I’m writing a special “Frizzenglish”.
in deutscher Sprache

The weekly GRAMMARLY report sent to me via e-mail:

4786 words written;

You were more active
than 89% of Grammarly users.

174 mistakes made

You were more accurate
than 42% of Grammarly users.

1270 unique words used
Your vocabulary was more dynamic than 93% of Grammarly users.

Here is the only word you overused in your writing last week: MAYBE …
Tip: You’ll notice a few suggested synonyms (in blue) that you can try next time to keep your writing fresh.
maybe = perhaps possibly feasible

1 Wordiness
187 mistakes

2 Capitalization at start of sentence
135 mistakes

3 Sentence fragment
46 mistakes


Soothing Gospel Lyrics

I’m aged 70 now and often in my lifetime I felt like fixed in a lion’s den or fenced in the darkness of the belly of a big, big whale – but always I escaped and found freedom again.

My life started 1945 in an orphanage. Since my teenage days in the fifties (when I learned to play guitar) this gospel lyrics soothed my soul and gave me hope.

Actually I played that on my metal body Dobro guitar in drop D tuning: DADgbe


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