Windmill Pt Lighthouse Vt

Windmill Pt Lighthouse Vt photo by “godisinusall” (Flickr) / Chris Wehner Windmill Point,
Vermont, 2 miles short of Quebec, Canada. Built in 1830, at Lake Champlain.

Sometimes I dream from a location for withdrawal like this. Little stone house below a lighthouse down by the water. A warm winter-garden with large windows to look on the water flowing by. All covered with snow. Silence. No more trouble. Going to lay down my sword and shield. Listening to some old records from Louis Armstrong. Waving to some ships coming in. I don’t have such a house. But maybe I could put this photo shot by the photographer Chris Wehner (flickr member “godisinusall) on my desktop? Would support my soul feeling like if I had managed a good withdrawal at least …

Characteristic wooden houses of Marken

photo on the left:
similar atmosphere (nearly) in the Netherlands:
title=”Characteristic wooden houses of Marken”
by B℮n Visbeek, on Flickr, sent kindly to my group BLOG IT!
zemanta-related-articles destroy
the Quebec-lighthouse-paradise-illusion:

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5 responses to “Withdrawal

  1. I like this… very soothing and poetic. TY! 🙂


  2. This is a very beautiful thought of other places you would like to live ! And yes, listening to, It’s a wonderful world, by L. Armstrong, would be grand ! And Ben’s spot I would like to live or visit ! Thsnk you, Frizztext ! God bless you, my friend !


  3. Wow, I love this!


  4. Besides the noble art of getting things done,
    there is the noble art of leaving things undone.

    The wisdom of life consists
    in the elimination of nonessentials.

    Lin Yutang


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