Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

how to concentrate, forgetting time?
TINY – photo by Frizztext

With great respect I hold in my hands this old TINY SUMMARY / resume, a Nautilus … – aged 30.000 years? Seems to be a metaphor for concentration, reflection, summary of a life-time etc. – maybe visualizing a DNA, some experiments made by GOD (who believes) etc. – more: my weekly photo challenges’ GALLERY

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

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  2. nice spiral frizztext!


  3. oOoOOooOHHH!!! Pretty!!!


  4. I like the spiral effect.


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  6. It looks like an ancient spiral stairway going down, down, down…


  7. Very interesting and nice photo..


  8. Very interesting…


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  10. An intriguing photo. Very nice.


  11. prächtiges fossil Dietmar


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