Weekly Photo Challenge: OCEAN

the great wide open, the silence, the liberty …

Window to the ocean
– originally uploaded by Frizztext
looking out of the window of the Jazz-Cafe “METEOR” in the small town Oia, on the island Santorini, Greece, Cyclades, Mediterranean Sea


La Mer. Charles Trénet – youtube:

enjoy my slide show with more Santorini photos and Greek music embedded:

and enjoy this wonderful ocean slide show with country music:

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26 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: OCEAN

  1. Love the window where the yellow compliments the blue so well and the concept of the liberty that exists outside!


  2. Lovely… that must be a good house to stay in


  3. Great shot. I remembered that I stayed like this cottage in Santorini.


  4. I love the photo of the sea from the window – it’s kinda peaceful and serene; I could just imagine myself there. Great shot!


  5. So lovely–a wonderful composition. On our top ten places to visit–beautiful Greece.


  6. Great shot. Great! 🙂


  7. Absolutely stunning. I love pictures captured outside a window… Santorini is one of the loveliest places on the planet. 🙂


  8. if it’s Greece then it should be the Aegean sea. I’ve just sent another view of Aegean sea from Turkey (Izmir) 🙂


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  11. Loved the colors in the photos, from the different shades of blues from the ocean and sky, yellow window and veranda, and red wall 🙂 Beautiful!


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