Circling Buzzards

thanks to Oorlab who inspired me to stroll around his violin with my Dobro guitar…

visit the own soundcloud of Oorlab:

photo by David Wilson:
Red Kite chasing common buzzard
title = “Red Kite chasing common buzzard”: click on the photo to enter David Wilson’s galleries on

1 – oorlab says at 0:05: wow – very convincing – together it has some chinese feel, while when I played it alone I was more on an Irish stroll πŸ™‚ η›˜ζ—‹ηš„η§ƒιΉ° & Γ©in ciorcal timpeall

2 – frizztext says at 0:05: @oorlab: η›˜ζ—‹ηš„η§ƒιΉ° yes, my wife always says it sounds like I’m from China when I’m playing – it would feel better if it would sound like coming from Japan, influenced by Haikus ζ—‹ε›žγƒγ‚²γ‚Ώγ‚«

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