Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity


Honeymooners, fenced in …
originally uploaded by Frizztext, on his way to a guitar festival, tribute to Django Reinhardt. For sure the dog-cat couple would have liked to follow him to dance in the ball-room with the gypsies …

HONEYMOONERS: I stopped my car, driving to Liberchies, Belgium, the Django-Reinhardt-Festival had to wait; my first shot, taken with a digital camera, after our analog Minolta with 36mm KODAK-film had been demolished. this one has been the first on the display of my brand new digital Canon PowerShot A_700, presenting two honeymooners, looking out of a window in the evening; maybe they wanted to take a walk to the nearby guitar-festival too, but they were badly fenced in…
EXIF = camera data: http://www.flickr.com/photos/frizztext/188574528/meta
Uploaded by Frizztext on 13 Jul 06, 6.41AM GMT-1.

Portrait of Django Reinhardt, Aquarium, New Yo...

Image via Wikipedia

Django Reinhardt J’attendrai Swing on youtube

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37 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

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  4. Just been browsing your photos and I have to say I love this one!


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  23. Lovely photo…those animals are just SO CUTE! Thank you :-o


  24. GREAT post! perfect!!


  25. This is so perfect! love, love, love it! Curiosity indeed. :-)


  26. Ha ha. This dog’s curiosity beats Ma.tt’s cat’s. :D


  27. Django, by the MJQ was the first LP record I bought as a 17 year old in the mid 1950’s. It cost me half a weeks wages but was worth every penny. My entire jazz collection of 78’s, 45’s and LP’s was lost in a house move 20 years ago, but over time I’ve managed to replace them with CD reissues. The Photo Challenge entry is great.


  28. postadaychallenge2011

    I guess I am old fashioned as I love “the honeymooners”! But that photo of the dog and cat was so adorable that I guess I will play my old time movie, now. Nice photo!


  29. Great… That’s truly curiosity :)
    Nice pic…


  30. Great… Thats truly curiousity :)
    Nice pic…


  31. Love the picture and the music–Thanks!


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