Where do YOU write

Where do YOU write? When I read the article of the Japanese Blogger “cocomino” “How to write a blog in English” I was surprised, that he told, he would write during his daily train ride to Tokyo. I couldn’t do so. I write early in the morning before breakfast, still sitting near to my bed, just where my thoughts arise. Sometimes I try to write in a Café after my walk through my small town, after visiting the shops of WOOLWORTH + XENOS, MCPAPER + NANU-NANA. And then I like to talk with the owner of the Café and his guests. On the walls of the Café are large photos of my wife Barbara, shot in Venice. The name of the café: VENEZIA…
Outdoor Wireless Lan
Tribute to Louis Armstrong

three photos via flickr.com by Frizztext
1-Berlin Train 2-Venice-Street 3-Manhattan-Café

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21 responses to “Where do YOU write

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    what to write


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    what to write ?


    • I like your shot, Wolfgang!
      what to write ?
      indeed, at first we have to think: WHAT to write (some people believe) – but the thoughts are coming like water comes to flow down the river. the problem is: HOW to write it short enough and where to cut 🙂


  3. Great topic and photos as always. Especially like the shot in the cafe with that mural behind.
    A good question today. I usually write when I am in bed although I am not sure why.


  4. le tue foto sono straordinarie….
    sono come poesie….
    da leggere, senza nulla dire.
    buona giornata


  5. If possible, I would like to write a blog at such a nice cafe not on the train.
    I envy you. 😉


  6. Northern Narratives

    I write in a comfy chair next to a big window with a nice view of trees 🙂


  7. nelson RN

    I write while sitting on the floor of our bedroom 🙂


  8. thirdhandart

    I use a computer to write posts and don’t have a portable laptop. So, I write at the computer desk in our dining room.


  9. A nice comfy chair in our den with a nice view of the mountains and valley.


  10. theWomanAtTheWell

    I write in midst of the chaos where I need to make the most sense of my thoughts. Thanks for asking. I like that you give us your first thoughts of the day, that’s sweet.-watw


  11. Where ever and when ever I Have an idea I stop whatever I do and pencil it down, so I do not forget its core. Then i revisit the scrible, and try to relate to it, and build on it. Sometimes it snowballs, sometimes it melts, but other time it becomes something that I find true to its core.


  12. Lately, I have been doing most of my writing / art, while at work in the middle of the night when it very very quiet. I also like going to the park and sitting in an outdoor theater space.


  13. Everywhere. Right now in a semi public space… 🙂


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  15. i found the connection back to your page from 1011 scribbles, and this is an interesting questions. I know people that have rituals around their writing, then again those individuals probably have a lot of rituals around other activities as well.
    when inspirations strikes i stop what i am doing and make notes, I have been on planes, trains, hotel rooms, cafe’s, and even in my car driving to work, lunch breaks in the mall, in parks or at my kitchen counter. I try to be open to inspiration. But then I am not writing a book – with a theme, or story line that would requir daily dediction to the story that might just require some ritual…………


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