Berlin Music Video

I like Berlin and so I composed a slide show with my Berlin photos (background-music: me on guitar and very talented friends with some more instruments). But then my daughter (she lives in Berlin) sent me a link to a youtube video featuring Lail Arad with her song “Everyone is Moving to Berlin” – wow I can’t wait to drive again to Berlin – not any chance for Bermuda or Bahamas, Barbados or Bali!


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5 responses to “Berlin Music Video

  1. blueberriejournal

    I lived in Berlin for 2 and a half years. I didn’t like it there. If they didn’t had this large amount of culture I would have left even sooner. It is o.k. for a trip but putting his whole life into that town… works not for me.


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  3. I have not been to Berlin, but I always associate it with a bunch of albums that were made there in the 70’s and 80’s by David Bowie, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop. Or the video that U2 made with Wim Wenders for ‘Faraway, So Close!’. Good stuff, but a little gloomy and melancholy.

    But this song is definitely much happier than any of that! From your photos it also looks like Berlin is a different and happier place now too.


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