Where do YOU write

Where do YOU write? When I read the article of the Japanese Blogger “cocomino” “How to write a blog in English” I was surprised, that he told, he would write during his daily train ride to Tokyo. I couldn’t do so. I write early in the morning before breakfast, still sitting near to my bed, just where my thoughts arise. Sometimes I try to write in a Café after my walk through my small town, after visiting the shops of WOOLWORTH + XENOS, MCPAPER + NANU-NANA. And then I like to talk with the owner of the Café and his guests. On the walls of the Café are large photos of my wife Barbara, shot in Venice. The name of the café: VENEZIA…
Outdoor Wireless Lan
Tribute to Louis Armstrong

three photos via flickr.com by Frizztext
1-Berlin Train 2-Venice-Street 3-Manhattan-Café

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