Things I’ve (never) done

NY twin towers 1997

photo by Frizztext
I’ve been amused by some bloggers’ project to write about 22 “things-ive-never-done”. 22? beg your pardon, too much, how about 4?
1 – Visit Cuba
2 – Skydiving over Australia
3 – Using a submarine
4 – Shipping to Antarctis
Port Lockroy and the Europa.
(photo by Peter G Hall, on Flickr; title=”Port Lockroy and the Europa.)
Maybe I should try to organize that. The sense of the project seems to be, to make us curious to step into future by supporting a consistent positive motivation as part of our character. But to support this it is also a good strategy, to remember 4 (22?) things we’ve done. For example:
1 – I climbed a mountain to watch hang gliders
2 – I sat on the top of my Volkswagen
3 – I took a heli for a flight over Manhattan
4 – I played Banjo with eyes closed
1Berchtesgaden Jenner hangglider2my timeline 1945 - 2010
3NY twin towers 19974Sepia, self portrait with Banjo
4 photos via by Frizztext

one video of what I’ve done:

one video about what I missed, because I’ve never done

(found on youtube via Elizabeth Obih-Frank):


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37 responses to “Things I’ve (never) done

  1. What is amazing is all of the things you have done. The utube video’s are wonderful and I love your daughter too πŸ™‚


  2. Bravo to you!!! πŸ˜† There you go with your list… You did play with your eyes closed. Love it! πŸ™‚


  3. I loved watching you play the banjo. It’s obvious that you truly enjoy playing. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in all this stuff I think I gotta do I don’t take enough time to do the things that give me nothing but pure joy.


  4. Three of your four undone I will never ever do. But I’m interested in Cuba too. πŸ˜‰


  5. theWomanAtTheWell

    amazing! 22 is too much. 4 was perfect, Add that you make the world smile daily, that should be on the list of things you’ve done, not many of us can say we’ve done that. God Bless-WATW


    • YOU make me smile πŸ™‚


      • theWomanAtTheWell

        1 thing I’ve never done? Been to Germany, My husband and I want to honeymoon there, we never had a honeymoon because we are holding out to go to Germany, he has been there but not me, he would live there if I said yes, he misses it so much.
        1Thing I have done? Made a friend a half a world away. Blessing to you. -watw


  6. thirdhandart

    Good idea to trim the list from 22, down to 4! And, going one step further to state 4 things that you have done is truly a positive twist. Very good post FrizzText!


  7. I think your humorous approach is great. I have done one of the things you haven’t done and one of the things you have. The Manhattan skyline picture is quite stunning, obviously shot some years ago. I like the brownish tint in the photograph and the graphic quality in general.


  8. You are absolutely right. Sometimes, we tend to lack appreciation for what we have done and what we have accomplished. Perhaps, it’s our desire to constantly do something. It is good to have things we would like to do in order to forge forward with enthusiasm; but, enjoying what we have done keeps us grounded and in prospective.
    Nice write …


    • “Sometimes, we tend to lack appreciation
      for what we have done and
      what we have accomplished…”
      frizz-reply: yes Isadora,
      to support self-confidence / self-esteem
      sometimes it is important to remember
      what we reached, not overwhelmed …


  9. Northern Narratives

    Wonderful and very funny πŸ™‚


  10. Entertaining post!…and bravo (applause, applause) on your banjo video! I’ll have to work on both lists…now I’m intrigued.


  11. Wolfgang Hermann

    es ist schΓΆn wenn man noch etwas vor sich hat, was man gerne tun wΓΌrde
    :-)) wolfgang


  12. frizztext reblogged this on Frizztext + Barbara Fritze and commented: from my current blog flickrcomments …


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  14. the poetry of this whole compilation is warm and remarkable. delicious, really! thank you for adding a dash of good balance n wonder to my day! i thoroughly enjoy watching your banjoing :o)


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