Little Notebooks

my passion: little books and notebooks (Moleskine etc.) for to fix my daily inner thoughts …
books and notebooks
2double-elba-sepia++++ 3passion: notebooks
photos by Frizztext

Notes in a Moleskine notebook

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a “MERCI” to Christine Lebrasseur, Bordeaux, she sent a notebook still-life to my group BLOG IT:
Carnet noir

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writer, photographer, guitarist

14 responses to “Little Notebooks

  1. These books must have tons of great records.:smile:


  2. What a charming blog! I love it!


  3. My wife loves to collect little notebooks, too…


  4. Merci Dietmar, this means a lot to me…


  5. Love the poster… and those moleskin note books. 🙂


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  7. thirdhandart

    In a way, notebooks are self-portraits of their creators. Wonderful self-portraits!


  8. Happy those who carry a notebook within reach, and a photo-camera “blitz” ready, and a pen…
    Very nice post.


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