100 years fashion

I’m still ashamed by the fashion disaster organized from my parents failing with their first school dress for me in the year 1951. No apologize.
1951-fashion-me+V = Volkswagen+Halloween-Fashion
1) me 1951                                 2) my wife 1965                                        3) we, just married 18xx?
photos via flickr.com by Frizztext + ancestors
My finding of the day: the article by chittlechattle at http://chittlechattle.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/any-of-these-bring-back-memories/: about 100 years of FASHION and the question:
“what was your worst fashion disaster?”
I’m still ashamed by the fashion disaster organized from my parents failing with their first school dress for me in the year 1951. No apologize. Maybe that no one was rich in the post war Germany 1951 in Wuppertal. So far the worst fashion excursion on my skin. And the best? My wife and me more than hundred years ago? [taken on an Octoberfest in Munich]
Enjoy 100 years of FASHION, found the link via

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31 responses to “100 years fashion

  1. Thanks for the pingback! It’s a good video, isn’t it.

    Love Octoberfest, and Munich, but haven’t been for a while.


  2. Enjoyed the video much and your lederhosen? Quite cute!


    • yes the VIDEO is great: not only featuring fashion but also on the other hand the typical dancing styles; and the faster those history flashbacks are organized the more one has to laugh;
      in Germany we have poem
      by Wilhelm Busch:
      eins, zwei drei
      im Sauseschritt

      saust die Zeit –
      wir sausen mit.

      translated maybe as
      [sorry – I’m not able to rhyme this
      in a foreign language…]
      One, two, three
      the time is marching

      we are forced
      to join a-hastin’


  3. What is the word for the cone? Is it filled with sweets? I used to see those for sale when we lived in Germany but never knew what they were and feel stupid now realizing I never asked.
    The video was great but the photo of you in 1951 is a classic! And your wife in the car is a wonderful shot too. I shared your blog with friends so they can read it as it is always good.


    • hi RUTH,
      normally the cone “Schul-Tüte” (in Germany on one’s first school day) was filled with sweets – but my parents had none – so they filled the cone with paper to paint on …


  4. Wow. 1965 photo releases so many good memories–Thanks!


    • 1965 – we heard THE BEATLES in those days; we danced to Chubby Checker: LET’s TWIST AGAIN; I played THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN for my girl friend on my guitar – that made me break through;


  5. Wow.They are very precious for you and us because we can know the history through the photos.


  6. That’s a great video. A good review of fashion and dance history.


  7. Northern Narratives

    Great post. I thought you had flowers for your teacher in the cone 🙂


    • I should – he was a good teacher – he helped me to start to talk (very late, I admit);
      and even placed me side by side to his own son – and he once he took me (and his son) into a cinema to watch a movie. it was my first movie, will never forget that – was in the jungle in Brazil 🙂


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  9. This post is lovable and I can enumerate 4 things:

    ♥ Thanks for sharing your personal photographs, it’s lovely!
    ♥ I love the video.
    ♥ I love vintage clothes.
    ♥ I love fashion!


  10. that’s so cool to see your old pics!


  11. I like this post! It was cool to see old photos and the video was great! I like the fact that it featured fashion and dancing styles! 🙂


  12. Wolfgang Hermann

    hi dietmar
    ein wunderschöner und lustiger rückblick aud die gute alte zeit
    wünsche dir und deinen lieben scjöne tage


  13. As always, great photos. 🙂


  14. Love the pictures of you and your wyou looked lovely as a young boy :-(.


  15. Jodie

    Lol, Love the video. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  16. theWomanAtTheWell

    I love the pic of wife in the passenger seat. Great shot, beautiful subjects, timeless treasure. Great post thanks for sharing.


  17. Some time ago I read the blog sporadically, but the last articles I’ve read have been really good, congratulations! I hope that the following are equally as good. If so, here’s a visitor for sure:)


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