Story Challenge: Letter “B”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “B”? For example I’ve written about BERLIN and BRUSSELS, BIRDS and BOATS, BALANCE and BABIES, BREAK THROUGHS and BLUE MOODS, BREAKFAST and BLOGGERS, BRIDGES and BANJOS, Pina BAUSCH or my wife BARBARA, BATHROOMS and BEDROOMS, BAHREIN or BURN OUT, BRAZIL and BELGIUM, BICYCLES and BIKERS, BIPOLAR or BLIND, BIN LADEN or SAUL BELLOW, BAKERS and BUTCHERS, BIOGRAPHIES or BLACK MUSIC, BOOKS or BMWs – I’m sure you have a topic to share, tagged with “B”!

tagged “B” – for example: BERLIN

6 Berlin Towers
I’m often in Berlin. At first I was shocked by the landmarks of evil history, starting from this town so many decades: the two world wars and then the spy state of Stasi and narrow minded administrations. But then I noticed, step by step new generations are making their own new business there – with a certain kind of humour, anarchism and creative ideas …
Vlado’s comment: “Berlin has a lot of the ‘free spirit’ of the days of my youth, but doesn’t live in the past – it is home of radically modern art and architecture, science and technology – but with a nice ‘feel’ to it …”


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110 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “B”

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  2. Thanks for your link, Frizz. I hope that I could post for Letter C very soon! :)
    Nice picture of Berlin by the way. Very classic!


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    • Oh Carol,
      sorry for that restaurant, you
      “weren’t actually impressed with the place.
      The food was terribly overpriced
      and wasn’t very good…”
      shit happens …


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  6. Hi Frizz, I’ve loved all your pictures recently of the new Berlin. It seems to be remaking itself every day!! Here’s my B story: bicycles:

    Better late than never!!


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    • hi Madhu,
      The BIRD’S NEST, the centerpiece of the Beijing Olympics, the National Stadium,
      by the architects Jacques Herzog (my Germany!) and Pierre de Meuron
      for sure now a landmark in the history of architecture!


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  10. For me : “B” means “Bams’ Blog”… hahaha… :)
    Have a wonderful week end.


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  13. An urban safari!
    Always a great adventure over here, Frizz!


  14. compare
    story about how to get an autograph by the famous psychologist Albert BANDURA

    click on the picture to read the story about having a speaker – or having the courage to talk for yourself


  15. BERLIN, BOMBAY, BARCELONA, BUKAREST, BOSTON – after all those cities tumbling into my mind I have to escape to some different B’s again: BISONS and BALLOONS:
    StandardBuffalo-don't get too close!
    title=”Standard Buffalo – don’t get too close!” [The Standard Examiner Balloon Stampede at Antelope Island, USA] photo by Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr…


  16. Hi Frizz, I recently joined the blogging world and enjoying your themes ! Thanks for the challenges.
    Here’s my entry. Hope it isn’t too long!


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  18. Hi, great idea, can I B with… ‘big smile’

    Black sheep of the family… ;-)


    • hi “Le Drake Noir” = “the black drake”:
      thanks for joining my B-story challenge!
      I like:
      “Maybe it’s hard work being the
      black sheep of the family,
      but it’s worth it…”
      inspectors are coming
      and thanks for your genious INTRO to the topic MOVEment:
      MOVE =
      1 – the mechanism behind the facade of your clock or watch
      2 – the coordinated mechanism behind the facade of community in groups
      [either politically, religious, socially, economically, art-(cultur) etc.]
      3 – the mechanism behind the facade of music, which builds it up to sounds…


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  20. Hi Frizz,
    here is my entry for this week!! Thanks for having these challenge, I sure enjoy them!


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  22. Hi there. Thanks for giving me the chance to share my favourite Portuguese liqueur with you. B is for Beirão:


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  24. love your optimistic story of berlin, thank goodness for change! here is my B story frizz


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    I missed last week! Here’s a post I from a couple of days ago on picking blueberries.


  27. A story teller I am not, but here is my entry to Story Challenge B Bird Houses At Bear Run Nature Reserve.



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  29. Here’s my B! Challenge, and it really is what goes on in my back yard.


    • wonderful story! I also like your pointe: “not the day to step out in a mouse-topped hat…” – while a hawk and his friend are watching every step in your backyard!
      with a click on the hawk picture you can read more of the backyard story!


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  31. Here you go Frizztext – I should have done Funeral in Berlin (a film I really love), but your stuck with Budgie :-)


  32. Nice Izzy, going to give it a whirl in a Clerihew to celebrate national clerihew day :) Off to find a good B now lol Thanks for the fun xo


  33. Hi Frizztext, what is the building in the background in the picture above?

    Toss my ball into the field fr this week’s challenge:


  34. Bento, Bacon and Bag.


    • hi Lynne,
      your BELLINGER RIVER paradise:
      “The Chess Players meet there of a Sunday afternoon.
      Folk Club on a Friday night…”

      in the history of mankind
      always places by the rivers have been
      the center of social life …


  35. It turns out I have something I can add tot his challenge.
    Thanks for posting it. Heres’ mine:


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  37. Count me in with this story about a beach, a bar, a bartender & a babe in a black & white bikini!


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  39. hi Ineke / Scrapydo in New Zealand:
    Thank you for your BEAR story!
    Sean was rescued
    from outside a restaurant
    in Cambodia
    by “Free the Bears”

    click on the picture to read the BEAR story of scrapydo / Ineke …


  40. bulls,bears,billionaires,Bill Gates,bonds,Bill Gross


    • I know you like FORD –
      but the iconic Berlin car
      was named Trabi (Trabant):
      Escape, 1989/Nov/9


      • I’m hardly Ford obsessed.The guy just happens to be the focus of my attention now.
        My taste in cars runs to vintage models on the one hand and top end luxury models on the other.
        The only vintage German car I have actually seen is an Adler that somebody’s grandfather had bought for 19 rupees.
        The only mass market car that I am interested in is the nano,not because it is the last word in cars but because they tried to break the price barrier.Unfortunately in the last couple of years Tata Motors seems more interested in selling extras rather than trying to provide more for less.
        I took a look at the Trabi-looks a lot like the Premier Padmini and other Premier models.


      • I have a photo of this wall art in Berlin! :)


  41. Reblogged this on "withDRAWING" and commented:
    I love that car. ♥


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  43. Finally, I got to join again, Here is my ‘B’ entry – a bug story. :-)


  44. I wrote a song once called “Bad Examples”

    “My Momma says, I’m no damn good. I’m living life and setting Bad Examples”

    Not the greatest effort for someone who is now a grown up parent and trying not to set “Bad Examples” for my kids.



    • hi Tim,
      short novel author,.
      new generations are obliged to make things different.
      I like your poem:
      “When, sir, did you start to despair?
      It was the day I decided not to care…”


  45. BERLIN! One of the most dynamic cities I visited – I love the entire vibe and spirit of the city. :) My B contribution is Boston –


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  47. It’s like a classic noir film!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga


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