Africa and Europe

Up above my head I heard cranes in the air yesterday, gathering for their yearly long distance flight from Europe to Africa. Isn’t it absurd: human beings from Africa on the other hand try to immigrate to Europe.
Cranes leaving Europe
photo via by Frizztext, Germany
Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with sub Saharian immigrants).
photo via by Miguel Angel Adam, Spain
comment by maistora, London on my flickr photo stream:
The poor souls who risk their lives to come to Europe want Nike and Diesel, iPhone and Ferrari – through the communication revolution ‘civilisation’ has reached them with the wrong message: ‘Consume, consume, consume!’. Nobody broadcasts messages like ‘Build, create, empower’…
Cranes, on the other hand, don’t watch TV adverts, don’t aspire to live the life of celebrities, and are not particularly attracted to glossy luxury products. All they want is some sunshine, food, and good company. Which is abundant in Africa, and they are happy there – at least until it gets too hot for comfort and they fly back to colder Europe.

Net migration rates for 2008: positive (blue),...

Net migration rate world - Image via Wikipedia

title=”Lampedusa” by UNHCR, on Flickr
photo by foxysangels143 via Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

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23 responses to “Africa and Europe

  1. I want to live in New Zealand or Greek. The countries are very beautiful.


  2. I also played, remembering the birds up above my head:
    Up above my head I hear music in the air
    Up above my head there’s a melody so bright and fair
    I can hear when I’m all alone
    Even in those times when I feel all hope is gone


  3. theWomanAtTheWell

    I could spend the day here Frizz. You have such wonderful posts that are so deeply thoughtful and insightful. They make me think, smile, laugh, and become inspired. Thank you for sharing your family with us and your life too. God Bless. -watw

    PS. I like Foxyangel’s photo, very intense in its expression, thanks for including it.


  4. thirdhandart

    Wonderful post FrizzText… very thought-provoking. I think it’s true that “‘Better life’ is in the eye of the beholder…”


  5. Very insightful.

    I’m especially drawn to the cranes photo. One of my favorite birds. I would have been excited with joy to see them flying above me like that.


  6. Nothing is as it appears to be, not in the past, not now. It will more than like stay this way, as it has been passed on from generation to generation. For each genuine thought humanity came with its cheap version (like cubic zirconia for diamonds, and fools gold, and so on).


  7. But we do have our singing, and it carries more truth than spoken language.


  8. Miguel A. Adam

    Very beautiful post and relevant thoughts.


  9. Like birds, people go where they believe they will have a better life; albeit temporarily. 😉


  10. Rita CRANE, Mendocino, USA, commented on my photo stream:
    cranes….magnificent birds….and such a miracle to watch them in the sky, in their formation, trumpeting to one another. we live in such a beautiful world.

    as for the migrants north.from what i understand so many have lost their fishing grounds to huge trawlers from europe and other places that grab all the fish they can get. or grab any other natural resources – sucking up the wealth like locusts. China now is leasing or buying land in Africa to feed her millions. what can one say?

    then there’s the fossil fuel industry – rapacious and destructive – that forever kills the livelihood of locals in Africa without offering recompense or good paying work. shameful behavior.

    the birds know better than the so-called wise human homo sapiens. a
    sad reality indeed to watch the ‘civilized monkeys’ savagely destroy the most beautiful wondrous creation known: planet Earth.

    i hope homo sapiens don’t ruin it for the rest of the species on earth.

    happiness to see the cranes…always. gives one a lift.


  11. I believe the cranes & all the other migrating birds have got it right: chase the comfortable temperatures 🙂


  12. Mia

    Oh my God. That picture of the birds is AMAZING!


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