The Morning After – erotic diaries


Book review for David Drebin / teNeues Publishing by frizztext

The title of this photo-book by David Drebin got involuntarily a new subtly message after the apocalypse in Japan. That was not intended, as the teNeues Publishing composed this erotic collection of modern women portraits in the year 2011. Nevertheless, these female characters are still constructing their plans, wars, hopes, Waterloos …

Book review for David Drebin
Book review for David Drebin Originally uploaded by Frizztext
photo by David Drebin published in his book THE MORNING AFTER – permission to feature by teNeues Publishing, because I’ve written a book review at rdp_perm (German) – English: dp_product
The Morning After by David Drebin – to be published by teNeues in January 2011 e-morning-after
Size: 34 x 30 cm – 192 pp., Hardcover with Jacket – 97 color photographs Text in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian € 79,90; $ 95; £ 65 Europe: January 2011 Overseas: January 2011 ISBN 978-3-8327-9448-4 © The Morning After by David Drebin, Me and Me, 2008, to be published by teNeues in January 2011, € 79,90, Photo © 2010 David Drebin. All rights reserved.

Diary fragments of erotic weapons

December 6th 2010 for amazon by frizztext, Germany:

A table top book, with almost a documentary effect: a diary, a patchwork diary, collected rapidly by some jet-set ladies who were just in between time for the at least photographic fixing of their deleterious intermediate stations of their erotic wars. A modern feminine battles painting, sometimes triumphant moments in the morning after, in an expensive hotel with views of the harbor facilities of New York or Hong Kong, high above the city of Rio de Janeiro or Barcelona. But there are not always the victory celebrations, almost as often we find the beautiful women on the run down, thoughtful, argumentative. In the quieter phases, action-free, but filled with goals and plans, we notice phases between triumph and panic farewells: There are often shots that I would describe as “search images”: In huge, two-sided printed urban panoramas almost naked women can be discovered (not easy!): Very little behind a window or on a balcony, shortly before or shortly after one of their rich risk attempts to win by the arms of a woman. As the museum curator Michelle Marie Roy writes from Stockholm: “It is as if we have walked into the cinema halfway through the feature film.” Yes, exactly, and: you want to dive into this story, want to find out what happens next – or how it all began. You start to fantasize a full novel about such a single photo . A work of art is to trigger the power of imagination in us. David Drebin manages that in each of his compositions: He has broken the barrier between banal fashion photography and sublime work of art.
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Tagebuch-Fragmente erotischer Kriegszüge,
6. Dezember 2010:

Ein Foto-Band, der fast wie eine Dokumentation, ein Tagebuch wirkt, ein Patchwork-Diary, zusammengeklaubt von einigen Jet-Set-Ladies, die kurz zwischendurch Zeit fanden für das wenigstens fotografische Fixieren ihrer eiligen Zwischenstationen auf ihren erotischen Kriegszügen. Eine moderne feminine Schlachten-Malerei, manchmal mit triumphalen Momenten, am Morgen danach, in einem teuren Hotel mit Blick auf die Hafen-Anlagen von New York oder Hong-Kong, hoch über der Stadt Rio de Janeiro oder Barcelona. Aber es gibt nicht immer nur diese Siegesfeiern, fast genauso häufig finden wir die wunderschönen Frauen auf der Flucht, niedergeschlagen, nachdenklich, streitbar. In den ruhigeren, Aktions-freien, aber dafür planungsprallen Zwischenphasen zwischen Triumphen und panischen Abschieden finden sich immer wieder Aufnahmen, die ich als “Such-Bilder” bezeichnen möchte: Versteckt in riesigen, zweiseitig gedruckten Stadt-Panoramen entdeckt man plötzlich klitze-klein hinter einem Fenster oder auf einem Balkon eine fast unbekleidete Frau – kurz vor oder kurz nach einem ihrer an Risiko reichen Versuche, mit den Waffen einer Frau zu siegen. Wie die Museumskuratorin Michelle Marie Roy aus Stockholm schreibt: “Es entsteht der Eindruck, als hätte man das Kino mitten im Film betreten.” Ja, exakt, und: Man will eintauchen in diese Story, will erfahren, wie es weitergeht – oder wie alles anfing. Man beginnt einen kompletten Roman um solch ein Einzel-Foto herum zu phantasieren. Ein Kunstwerk soll die Kraft der Phantasie in uns anstoßen. David Drebin schafft das in jeder seiner Kompositionen: Er hat die Schallmauer zwischen banaler Fashion-Fotografie und sublimem Kunstwerk durchbrochen.

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  1. thank you frizz that you refer us on this wonderful book
    :-))) wolfgang


  2. Sounds like a high impact coffee table book…. Excellent and thank you!


  3. maybe, dear Eliz, fits not every Christian or Buddhism tea party … like Helmut Newton not really harmonized as coffee table book in certain living rooms. 14 days ago we have been invited to art collectors in Duesseldorf, Germany. There was a BIG BIG Helmut Newton edition, heavy some tons, big as a cupboard, situated in the center of the living room – as in other rooms a big old bible from 16th century maybe is featured.


  4. after
    the book review for Frank de Mulder
    and this one
    for David Drebin
    I try to write about (third) Robert Mapplethorpe
    for the teNeues Publishing Company
    I am not gay or S&M-addicted. I know, maybe 80% of Mapplethorpe’s work have homo-sexual content. So I would have no reason to write about him. Nevertheless I try to do so, because I think, he is a great photographer like Ansel Adams. A black and white photography minimalist. A classicist. So I will focus on the great portraits he shot, because I am interested on the style of his compositions. With Lisa Lyon he worked very often. Then we have as female models: Grace Jones, Doris Saatchi, Gisele Freund, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, Francesca Thyssen, Marianne Faithfull and many more. Male celebrities: David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Lord Snowdown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Haring, William Burroughs (on the book titel). For sure, I am not very amused by many of the porn topics. Too much reality for me. But maybe it is easier to accept the symbolism? Of course there is something subtle behind the still life compositions: Coconuts, a watermelon with knife, a fish, a gun blast, even the warship “Coral Sea”. Like a Cartier-Bresson or a Walker Evans: Robert Mapplethorpe is an important icon in the history of modern photography, even if you ignore 80% of his porn stuff.
    David Hockney
    Vic Muniz
    Catherine Opie
    Sterling Ruby
    Cindy Sherman
    Hedi Slimane
    Robert Wilson
    Interviews by Richard Flood

    erschienen bei teNeues _____________________________________

    Size: 21.6 x 28 cm / 8 1/2 x 11 in.
    256 pp. Hardcover
    c. 350 color and duotone photographs
    Text in English
    € 59.90 $ 75 £ 50
    ISBN 978-3-8327-9473-6

    © Mapplethorpe – MX7, published by teNeues, € 59,90,
    Lisa Lyon, 1982, © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.

    © Mapplethorpe – MX7, published by teNeues, € 59,90,
    William Burroughs, 1981, © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.


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  6. I will write today about a book, where celebrities are featured – as animals, a satyric artwork.
    The book “Famous Faces” by takkoda, teNeues Publishing Company 2011, is an encyclopedic effort like Madame Tussaud’s project. But it is a satyric project: All celebrities are featured as animals: The authors, “Takkoda” (anonymous for two pet loving British couples) – they used digital tools, no living animal was harmed for this pet parodies. Maybe I’m wrong sometimes trying to analyze that modern iconography, some of them I did not recognize, I’m German not British, I’m a philosopher, not a Hip Hop music fan: I’m sure, other readers would identify more of the famous faces. By the way: “The well-known individuals have not had any involvement in the creation of the images and they have not approved them …”


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  9. I just bumped into this site while I was killing some time: It has some hilarious erotic stories, if you are into erotica then check it out!


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