Authenticity, feelings – always an aim for photographers, painters, writers and musicians. Many painters asked me for permission to paint on canvas what I once shot sitting on the stairway of the 42nd street New York Public Library: that goddess with umbrella, adored by a man walking by …

listen to me, playing “Feelings” for my audio soundcloud:

watch a youtube video, introducing me, playing on my guitar FEELINGS:

but my personal favorite: the performance of the song FEELINGS done by Nina Simone 1976 on the Montreux Jazz Festival

in the library
my wife Barbara walking through the New York Public Library …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

8 responses to “Feelings

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966

    Your wife is beautiful. I have never been to NY. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Both photos show feelings – I like them!


  3. I love them… How did you get that shot in the library. It is such a magnificent room! 🙂


  4. i love your photographs!! thank you for posting!


  5. Don’t ever let yourselves be fooled: we’re walking, breathing…living feelings and feelings is where we originate and where we may, or may not be remembered…Always.

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for being there, and for taking that picture of the bundle of feelings that was Nina Simone.


  6. Great pics! I can feel the rain on my skin. I love NY in the spring! I miss it. 😦
    I agree, your wife is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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