multi media inventions

To upload a daily post (with music and photography), a multi-media entertainment, is more relaxing than only the old fashioned paper book: it’s a hard step for my generation to accept this, but step by step I begin to feel happy with all those new inventions of the last decades. I think the generations of artists, living before us, would have been glad, if there had been an internet connection…
Grandma's reading
title=”Grandma’s reading by Rosmarie Wirz, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter her galleries on
This statement grew in a dialog with Allyson Mellone, New York, because she wrote at comments and feedbacks: your “Comments And Feedbacks” [BLURB BOOK PRINT]is a sociological interest and can be a good primary source material for people researching oral history topics. It would be great if you can some how assemble these comments and feedbacks, pair them with images, and steam them with your music …

comments and feedbacks

Which already long dead artist would you have wished that he would have to be able to use the internet?

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