Mammuth – French movie with Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani

An in capitalist Europe amazingly clear Communist Manifesto! In the film, the deportee in lousy pension Depardieu goes (we know, in reality, he’s a millionaire and has taken refuge as a tax refugee in Putin’s territory), former Slaughterhouse worker, the career path of his life goes to show pension entitlements by the effort. His previous employers were all rascals, have him either black paid nowhere logged exploited only on shabby manner. A sobering that makes him flee in the arms of his niece “Miss Ming”, which cleverly continues to receive the pension of her long-dead father (adored Greek structures?).
He escapes into her “Art Brut” (defined as the art of the mentally ill or social outsiders). In the end he makes the pension evidence a garbage artwork, writes a poem and is (after initial frustration) reconciled in principle with the simplicity of his pension existence. Cursed career and wayward dreams (Isabelle Adjani) ticked. Arrived in solidarity with his wife, a supermarket clerk. No film for young people who should try to take up a profession. But one for retirees who stupidly are fixed in nostalgic for their gone professions.
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