PURE by Frank de Mulder

I’ve written a photo book review for Frank de Mulder, TeNeues Publishing Group – visit www.teneues.com/shop-int/books/erotica/pure.html (English) or www.teneues.com/shop-de/pure.html (German) – also: my book review on amazon.com and in my photo pool flickr
Free from the glamor-kitsch of the present, mostly concentrated back to the old fashioned light painting of the traditional black and white photography – in this “PURE” manner Frank de Mulder has composed, for example, his very creative session with Elena in Antwerp. The photo stream evokes memories of the great erotic writer Henry Miller and the fragment, “Quiet Days in Clichy“. If you do not like to make the leap into literature and prefer to investigate examples in the history of photography: Frank de Mulder’s trip to the Sierra Nevada makes alive again the photo story “Cowboy Kate” by Sam Haskins in the Sixties. The reason (that we can look back so far) is, that this photo-book (the title PURE appropriate) is obliged to a certain timelessness – like all art. The foolish pursuit of effects in those modern flashlight studios is avoided altogether. The banal smile of a Heidi Klum does not occur. Also we are not bothered by the partial pathological atmosphere of an Helmut Newton, he presented the women rather than monsters of power than as kind human beings. If you neither slip into the basement darkness of masochistic male fantasies nor into the manipulative mom-flatness of celebrity photography, then you have the chance to meet the models as they really are.

With about 20 models at 10 different locations, from Namibia to the Sierra Nevada, Frank de Mulder succeeded again and again to feature “PURE” erotic women identities: because he was able to listen to what those girls wanted to express themselves, playfully, sometimes flirty, sometimes magically drawn into the possibilities of her own body as into a vortex of discovery. Satisfied de Mulder cited in his preface, a model: “I’ve finally told my mom. She absolutely adores the photos.” The editor-in-chief of the “Ché Magazine” writes in his foreword, that the sometimes very talkative de Mulder stopped completely when he became involved in the planning of the sessions. If anything nowadays provokes silence, it should be classified in this noisy world as a much-needed art!

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  17. blabla

    All the so called models in this book are actually no models, but only unsuccessful pornstars. You can find their videos and photos all over the internet. Especially the blonde with the big nose and earring in it- Petra. She has many really vulgar videos, something that in my opinion most men don’t find sexy anymore, but just sick. Also she has been working as a prostitute- the old advertising is possible to find on the internet too. Obviously these girls from small towns of Czech republic will do anything for a little money. And the photographer chose this porn saddous only because he fucked them 3 times a day during the shooting- all at the same time, as they have habit after all.


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