Sanaa, Yemen

Sanaa, Yemen
Originally uploaded by Kate B Dixon
and sent to my group BLOG IT!

After Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, maybe Libya: now the Arab youth revolt has reached Yemen too. Let’s hope, that there will be not much blood shed. Let’s hope, that the societies will change to more democracy in a peaceful way …


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7 responses to “Sanaa, Yemen

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  2. I also hope and pray.


  3. 20 years before i spend two weeks in yemen, sanaa and the country around,
    a wonderful place but with some strange habbits for example the consumption of KAT
    it was the same as hundred years before,. i shot a lot of diapositives, but over the time they were distroyed by the light and various diseases


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  5. That is my wish and prayer too…Peace!
    War is never the answer… Peaceful resolution is key.


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