Modern Aphrodites

Helmut Newton is dead.
But “Pinobarile” / Alberto Fanelli, a Flickr photographer from Milano, Italy,
– he is alive, he could become the new Helmut Newton …
(Alberto made some series for Playboy Italian edition 2009, Helmut Newton 30 years before)!
here a small collection of his black and white ART:
1Motherhood2Sie Kommen - HN reverse engineering
3SELF    (tribute to HN)4From Praxitele's Aphrodite to Modern Latex
all photos by pinobarile / Alberto Fanelli &
1 – Motherhood – model: Malliha
2 – Sie Kommen – HN reverse engineering – models: Grota in 4 flawors
3 – SELF (tribute to Helmut Newton) model: Grota
4 – From Praxitele’s Aphrodite to Modern Latex – model: Grota

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