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Of course I’m honored if some of my wordpress readers orders one of my blurb books. For example Allyson, who has a jewelry in New York, recently bought the New York photo book made by my wife Barbara (a professional photographer) and me: featuring our yesteryears expressions there – 1997, when the World Trade Center was standing high.
book review by Allyson Mellone, New York:
“I purchased this book as a collector of photographic images of New York City and as a resident admirer. This book is filled with rhapsodic images, each photographed with their own impassioned mood. You go through this book, image by image, experiencing a lyrical mood that is created through the juxtaposition of architecture, aerial views, and street scenes, providing an experience of “happenings” during that place and time in 1997. The images are reflective and beautifully photographed and covered end to end with compositional style…”
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NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant
Allyson described, how she started to live in New York at
“…I first came here in 1989 at 23. I was not prepared for such a big city life coming from Hawaii. After a year of struggle and sheer disappointment I left a year later to attend college in upstate New York. I returned in 1997 with my husband Jim to lots of obstacles and more disappointments as I worked to make a life here. Through it all, I have come to love this City. I have never felt at home anywhere else. I value other’s perspective and captures of this City as it enriches my life…
Winter Garden, World Financial Center
Winter Garden, World Financial Center; the social gap between rich and poor seems to me particularly great in New York. We saw a colored woman, begging on the street, naked in a semi-open blue garbage bag. The Winter Garden was gorgeous! He was destroyed 9/11?
comment by edut80: World Financial Center wasn’t destroyed on 9/11 and although the Winter Garden did suffer some slight debris damage, it has been cleaned up… Geoff Quinn’s comment: I used to take my son up and down that escalator on the left when he was three. Those are palm tree trunks in front of you…
NY, security routine I shot the scene in Manhattan, South of Central Park, near Columbus Circle; I was surprised how fast all worked! A white Porsche stopped the escaping vehicle, security stuff came from all streets in seconds; handcuffs out, down on your knee, basta! Don’t know, what they were accused for. Maybe Yoko Ono knows. They came from that direction …
Tribute to Louis Armstrong As I entered that Starbucks Café in SoHo, Manhattan, I immediately fell in love with the painting on the wall: Louis Armstrong; and the man sitting by the window, seemed to share a kind of “Satchmo”-mood. The photo was shot by my wife Barbara near Prince Street – a wonderful place to rest and write and read and think – listening to blues music, drinking coffee (even tea), using a notebook via wireless lan – watching people going by…
Rainy day in Manhattan, New Jersey is behind the fog on the other side of the Hudson, in my back the Wintergarden of the World Financial Center. No one knew anything about the devastation that would run around into this peacefulness a few years later.
Rainy Day in Manhattan some people put plastic bags over their heads, protecting themselves against the pouring rain, others ran into small shops, this woman left aristocratical with an English-style umbrella the Public Library, 42nd Street, Manhattan… Joe Wig commented: …She’s the beauty who has to battle the elements. You can feel the wet environment The man’s an afterthought. In fact, you wonder why he’s slowing down since it IS raining…”
Midnight in Manhattan When we spent some weeks in New York, we used the subway daily. Once my wife was bleeding after she hurt herself falling on the boardwalk; I didn’t know how to help her, but a woman sitting next to my wife in the subway to Queens helped her vs. the bleeding very perfectly; then the woman told us, she had just escaped from the war in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, Europe; New York always had a big heart and said welcome to so many refugees!
blind violinist
Blind people often make very good music – they are able to concentrate much more… – remember: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and so on. But in this case we were probably burst into the middle of a movie. A camera crew tried to catch a street scene with a blind violinist for a theater piece. Because we as tourists from Germany did not understand English good enough, we did not hear the warnings and Stop shouts of the movie director. We were a kind of blind ear.
Moving in New York sometimes is better by bike or by using a skateboard as calculated with the car. Since there are ever waiting times – like here on the Brooklyn Bridge during rush hour. Take a train. Or as for the upper class: a helicopter.
blues session
Blues session on a Hudson River boat. It was a beautiful sunset on that evening. When you closed ​​your eyes, you could dream you would move on the Mississippi River. An even more fascinating music experience was our participation in a black gospel church service in Harlem.
Sometimes I think: Oh God, what has this idiot Mohamed Atta acted in the brain as he took course on the Twin Towers in 2001. Did he think only of the seven virgins who were waiting in paradise as a reward for him? He could have had cheaper.
September_Eleven Nine Eleven changed: politics and emotions, magazine essays and small talks, military budgets and death toll stats. Changed the level of angst and aggression. Result: less multiculturalism, more hate. Who will put an end to the clash of civilizations? Nobel Prize for HIM.
I hope if I add 12 more pictures, up to 26, the upload of the website is not getting to slow?
Manhattan from above …
traffic stop, ladies first …
large sized Benetton advertising – laughing vs. the rain …
aircraft carrier attacks: first we took Manhattan, then we took Berlin …
dispute on the morning after …
Brooklyn Bridge symmetry
chess reflections, Washington Square
old colleague with Polaroid camera
NYNEX street phones are history now!
Flat Iron Triangles
Shopping Queen
my wife Barbara, posing with an old Buick 1956 I believe …
The risk for photographers is always to end up in kitsch or getting stuck in a cliché.
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