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Every Tuesday, step by step, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had L (visit tagged L), so this week we have M – I’m sure you’ll find a story or a short reflection tagged with “M”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “M”!!! Myself I’ll feature M for metaphor:


It’s not easy to visualize for a website special terms like courage, curiosity, optimism, New Year, forward etc. – very often I use metaphorical pictures featuring a cat (a “cat state of mind”) …
C = Cat (on the road again)
photo uploaded by frizztext [shot by Pia], click on the picture, to enter the frizztext galleries on flickr – cat, walking with ignorance, like saying: “I demolish my bridges behind me. Then there is no choice but forward.” (Fridtjorf Nansen)
“how decisions are made”:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

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  2. Hi Frizz! I like the concept of metaphor and the stark contrast of the black cat against the white – powerful!
    Here’s my contribution this week: M is for Museum (from the Natural History Museum in Helsinki Finland)



  3. kz

    gorgeous shot! the black against white is beautiful and the footprints, how lovely ^^


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  5. Always enjoy your cat photos and thoughts.


  6. M is for marvelous
    This is a marvelous post.
    LOL! 🙂
    Love the kitty.


  7. Allyson Mellone

    Hi Frizz, for me, black and white go hand in hand, metaphorically, being in the absence of all color…like the footprints of one. Like the cat walking in the snow. Strong photo. I waited for this letter, “M,” it is special. My “M” is for my last name Mellone (means the melon fruit), which has enriched my life since I took it as my name when I married my husband Jim.


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  9. Another good one, Frizz. Here is mine, Madama Butterfly http://wp.me/p23TG1-2pj



  10. Yes there really is a ‘cat state of mind’!


  11. i just cant imagine a cat walking in the snow … so glad you showed me frizz!


  12. The cat is lovely. by M.


  13. Love the cat metaphors Frizz.:-) This one is particularly brilliant!


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  15. Alex Hurst

    Thanks so much for following me back! I’m looking forward to taking part in your photo pool.


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  17. Laura Bloomsbury

    thought it was a metaphor for having cold feet! Love the monochrome contrasts and here is my M


    • ” ‘I’ve seen the future baby, it is murder’. So sings Leonard Cohen and you don’t have to be a pessimist to acknowledge that what lies ahead is not all bright …” – frizz-reply: hi Laura, you’ve made an interesting bridge from “future tense” to tagged M – I hope, no murder is waiting for you or something else, anything bad – as described in “bad MOON rising”:


  18. museconfuse

    nice one. But I’m not sure I understand cats much..:)


  19. Your photo is absolutely perfect 😀


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  21. I think a verbal discussion of metaphors is nearly impossible. By definition. The elegance of your photos proves my point. Hats off, though, for taking on the subject of metaphors head-on, Frizz.


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  23. Hi Frizz, your photo is lovely with the black cat against the snow. Here is my offering for the letter M http://angelinem.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/the-letter-m-madonna/


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  25. The mystery of a cats thoughts. They say so much with just one look or no look at all.
    Great photo.
    here is a love stpry for the challenge Letter M – Songful Memory


    • when I was a child, I saw a cuckoo clock in the house of a very rich man. Never forgot this clock. On my 65th birthday my friends gave a cuckoo clock as a gift for me …


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  27. Here’s my entry. It’s still Tuesday where I live!


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    • “He did not promulgate a bloody revolution, but used his intellect and writing skills to feed the passion of other freedom fighters to stand for what they believed in to be…” – a good reason to build a memorial for him!
      greetings by
      guarding the red-light-district
      my hero:SPINOZA


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  31. Morning once again! Here is your M for the day – please have a look at


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  34. FC: a wonderful image, and i’ve reposted…thx for sharing. RT


  35. http://imissmetoo.me/2013/03/28/tagged-m-marden-mlowers/
    nice garden flowers – you can call it marden mlowers of course 🙂


    • mine and your children treated as OUR kids – no matter of skin, race “or the size of their bank account” – yes, nice idea, I fought for too – but it’s a shame, in Germany parents try to separate their children from the poor multi-cultural society – using private Catholic schools avoiding public schools with poor or foreign kids …


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  38. better late than never, and here it’s almost one in the morning! goodness, and i forgot the word, ‘manana!’ i think i’ll go slip it somewhere in the post|! z


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  42. a bit late on this one but here’s my entry.. http://starlight427.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/tagged-m-melons/
    the photo of the cat walking on snow is beautiful and a wonderful sight during our summer days.


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  44. Good metaphor – forging ahead, creating new paths, and not looking back.

    Here is my posting for this challenge:


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  46. I will add Murphy post to your tagged M. We are so sad to lose such a wonderful member of the family


    • dear Ruth, you’ve composed a wonderful tribute to your MURPHY, the photo gallery as well as your words: “…He was patient, loving, loyal, humorous and adored by everyone. What a personality!”


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