Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

gallery passing
Photo by frizztext, click on the picture to visit my flickr galleries
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I’m influenced now by the thoughtful discussion with Janet – link:

frizztext says:

I like your intro, describing us, waiting for another goose to tell us which topic to upload, maybe we should quit this weekly procedure!
“All around the world as I write this, photographers are hunched over their laptops/computers/tablets/phones, refreshing frantically, waiting for the Weekly Photo Challenge theme to be posted. How do I know? I’m one of them. And the final answer is…..(waiting…waiting…waiting…)? Half an hour. An hour. Ahhh, there it is. I can hear the cheers from every country…”

  • Frizz, it’s definitely an addiction, isn’t it? An enjoyable one, but an addiction nevertheless. I’m just happy if the theme is posted at the same time each Friday, no matter the time. But since the changeover to the new format, something’s been off almost every week. I’m sure it’s lots of work and I appreciate all the WP people do. But I find it frustrating that there’s nowhere you can go directly for suggestions or complaints.

    Enjoy the weekend!


    • frizztext says:

      but, Janet, maybe I have the power to cut this addiction, inspired by your words. I believe, many of us have enough ideas to write and do not need an advice on every late or later Friday afternoon.

    • I think the same thing, Frizz. If I get involved in too many challenges, enjoyable as they are, I don’t have time to write what I like or to showcase my photos the way I want to. Might be fun just to have a clearing house like the one WP puts up for the challenges where people just posted a teaser and link to something they did that week that they think other mights like to read, as one of the reason to participate in something like this is to see what others are doing. But I can’t begin to follow the blogs of everyone whose photos I view during the challenge.

      I’ve been mulling over the same thoughts you express. I participate in a weekly flash fiction writing challenge which I love, but is getting to have so many members that it takes much time to read the stories. Have to decide on priorities soon.

    • frizztext says:

      We have to decide on priorities: not the quantity of contacts, but the quality. Where do I receive the best quality of comments, where I like to comment back with pleasure? I enjoy the little community participating my Tuesday’s “A to Z” challenge. And, as a guitarist, I like my soundcloud. I noticed that neither politics nor my speciality (philosophy) can find a comfortable home in a personal blog. Sharing fun and new ideas: not really effective by the Friday orders = too much regulation, too much hidden dirigisme by stereotyped approach to photography.

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