Travel theme: Time

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There’s a philosophy of time, some of the most important thinkers for this topic was Henri Bergson (existentialism); I wrote on him for “To seize the ‘life melody’ of a human being, it is not sufficient to emerge ridiculously only one or two notes. The entire ‘SPAN’, if possible from the birth to the end of a biography, – only such a span (the complete melody, not a single note) is able to illuminate the secret of a human personality. Only via this method you can discover the dynamics, movements, changing spirals, the will to carry through, the persistent self-reliance …”
me, wasting time: playing guitar, fenced in a train, dreaming with grandson …


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23 responses to “Travel theme: Time

  1. Alice

    Eva Cassidy–if I had to pick a favorite–she certainly would be at the top of my list. Haunting and not with us long.


  2. I think I have seen the grandson one before and I am always taken by it. I love that he is being so sweet and wide awake while you rest.


  3. Eva Cassidy hab ich gerade erst für mich entdeckt und hab gestern auch einen Beitrag über sie geschrieben… eine tolle Sängern.
    LG, Petra


  4. Brilliant photo and song for the theme Frizz. And I love the metaphor 🙂


  5. Goosebumps . . . wasting time or time waiting?


  6. Amy

    Wonderful post, Frizz! “Time after Time” is one of my favorite songs!!


  7. Allyson Mellone

    How poetically said…the span of time illuminates the “life melody” of a human being…span = self-reliance. That I have to say is a great way to see life a head!


  8. One of my favorites sung by another all time favorite. What a loss for the world. How lovely you posted Eva Cassidy singing so beautifully for the theme TIME.


  9. the dynamics of life itself… how important


  10. Such a sweet photo of you and the baby!


  11. kz

    a truly wonderful post 🙂


  12. wolfgangfoto

    My part is tmeless:


  13. That’s a lovely snap of you with your grandson. so precious!


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