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Every Tuesday, step by step, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had “Z”, so this week we’ll start with “A” again – I’m sure you’ll also find a story or a music title tagged with “A”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “A”!!! Myself I’ll feature ART (and music = AIN’T SHE SWEET):


What drives an artist to depict a person? Why the art market reached dizzying high turnover? How to become an artist? Through an art school? No. There must be a fire deep inside of the artist, and it must never be extinguished: this burning desire to feature something …
Double trouble
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comments to this topic, first published at flickrcomments: art – what drives an artist?
1 – Zeebra Designs / Lisa: “what inspires an artist? honestly, i have no clue! it’s just there, like the song of a bird or the colors in a sunset!”
2 – frizz: ideas coming as boulders, like lava, like rain? like rabbits or donkeys, laughter or tears, like the ever floating water of the river near your window pane?
3 – Zeebra Designs / Lisa: “aren’t you being poetic today?”
4 – frizz: O.K., not poetic now, but about art, art schools and artists: “what they teach is not how to be an artist…” [ShimonZ, Jedrusalem] – yes! analyzing the topic I studied the biography of van Gogh (and his suicide) or Piet Mondrian, Andre Kertesz (photographer) or Max Beckmann, Stefan Zweig or Helmut Newton etc. – it is the rhythm in the deepest center of a person, the center of a volcano thing maybe: and you have to care, that the fire does not go to ashes…
5 – Zeebra Designs / Lisa: “i read this again this morning, and yes, it’s a rhythm that comes from the deepest center of a person. i’ve always believed that the ability to be a genuine artist is having the gift to tap ‘inward’ and totally blot out what’s happening elsewhere. one has to be able to get still on all levels and stay there.”
6 – frizz: “…it’s a rhythm that comes from the deepest center of a person…” – and therefore the rhythm of person, dressed in the produced art, is the real interesting thing, i.e. the person itself, the inner engine, producing all the activities of a personality… my favorite author G.C. Lichtenberg once wrote metaphorically about a certain magnetism, which produces the typical circles around a personality: first the body-language, the face, the words, the actions: the work of a person, the clothes, the chosen house, interior, the friends, the journeys – the whole universe created by every single person = the magnetism / aura of a human being …
7 – Madhu: “Enjoyed your poetic response.”
8 – frizz: I’m hesitating: ideas coming down like avalanches of debris, boulders, rubble, gravel – or ascending as steam bubbles from the bottom of a pot? Or, I remember my daughter’s visit in India: ideas like monkeys, jumping around and looking into your handbag…
9 – Lisa: I think the “ideas like monkeys” quote is a perfect description.
10 – Marina: “a fire deep inside”: you know very well, don’t you!!!
11 – Niranjan: “… Art, according to me, does not state a single fact but can lead to divergent / creative thinking. Likewise, art is itself a product of the Artist’s creative thinking which may have as much of emotion in it as intelligence. The artist creates a piece of art when he has the right mix of emotion and intelligence at his disposal. Feedback in art is therefore of some significance…”
12 – ideflex: “Most of the comments made about what drives artists are very positive – there is a much darker side that drives many, often to extremes that take them far from society, family, sometimes even life itself. For those who are obsessed by their art and have to paint, write, make music, etc. because they cannot live sanely without doing so, each day is a test. Those who are lucky enough to balance their creativity with a sense of normalcy are blessed indeed…”
13 – Penny L Howe: “… Life’s rhythm flows through all of us. It seems that, either through our experiences or dna or both, there are those who connect to this more easily than others. But it’s inside every single one of us…”

music title with A: AIN’T SHE SWEET, me on guitar (and there are many better versions on youtube):

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