Pavilion Blues

My mother lived in her childhood near a pavilion built in the Baltic Sea. I’ve never been there. But analyzing my roots I built a pavilion too. Not near a coastal line. Only in an urban city district near Cologne. But nevertheless it helps me to feel like having some roots …

See you when you get there 2

title: “See you when you get there 2”
photo by movski Michał Orłowski, Stargard, Poland

I found out, that my mother as a child went to school in Stargard / Poland; I am living now in Germany near Cologne, I’ve never been in Poland, but now I would like to search for my roots there near the Baltic Sea coastline; my mother lived in Cybowo – I found that via google earth; I have to thank movski, who sent his pavilion photo to some of my flickr-groups; this pavilion is in the neighborhood of Cybowo I suppose, my mother left Poland 1945 during that bad World War II

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7 responses to “Pavilion Blues

  1. It’ll be fantastic for you to investigate your roots in Poland! all the very best in doing that :). K


  2. Lovely pavilion… 🙂


  3. I like your story, it brings back memories of my childhood, and the times when we grew up when I felt there wes nothing to take for granted. One thing it’s for sure: Times have changed. Its the only certainty, that things change.

    Love the pavilion.


      Roman Polanski, born on august 18, 1933, has written a fascinating autobiography. He is a sinner and a genius, a chaotic man and a passionate, he is a machismo and a vulnerable human being, he overcame the WWII, the Polish ghettos and the Holocaust as a resilient child and he lost his wife Sharon Tate and an unborn child in 1969 by the Manson Group massacre, and on the other hand he overcame (as an adult) a special pattern of machismo-self-destruction (with 13 year old girl accusing him of sexual contact). He had lived a lousy life in Nazi-surpressed Polish ghettos and he had lived with too much pride and arrogance in Hollywood, he was arrested in the United States and nevertheless now he releases movies in Paris (presently married with French actress Emmanuelle Seigner). He is a gifted filmmaker and indeed: a writer, better than any crime-author I know; his book, published in 1984, is not a larmoyant, self-pitiful autobiography alike 1001 others – it is an absorbing story about a personality-mixture-hybrid of a Robin Hood mixed with Mac Beth, an Idi Amin mixed with a Mother Theresa, it is the story of “Roman” P., who started his life 1933 in Paris as “Raymond” P.; the first sentence of his autobiography: “For as far back as I can remember, the line between fantasy and reality has been hopelessly blurred.” That became his helping trick to survive some struggles and tragedies, downfalls and comebacks …


  4. In this internet age I think it’s not too difficult to trace your ancestors, Frizz. It would be an amazing experience for you to return to your mother’s homeland.


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