X-Factor Gladys Mwachiti

German TV VOX: Die talentierte farbige Sängerin #GladysMwachiti #Gladys #Mwachiti #XFactor #VOX #TV verlor gegen peinlich schlecht auftretende Mitbewerber…
I like music and I’m always sad, when talented singers loose the competition vs. some idiots, only because idiots got more phone calls in the poll. Why the bad level so often knocks down talented musicians?

another female colored singer, Nina Nyembwe, last week I made a little video clip featuring her:


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8 responses to “X-Factor Gladys Mwachiti

  1. I love this song! She sounds great.


  2. Great singers, the tradition goes on!


  3. Talented musicians are usually lonely and tend to be unhappy. We should support them. 🙂


  4. Perhaps a popularity contest rather than talent competition? I don’t get it sometimes either.


    • yes, you are right, such a ranking shows a popularity profile (many teenage girls voting for teenage boys with their pink handy phones) – not an analyzed talent for music …


  5. Great music always… 😉


  6. Love sax … my husband plays sax, clarinet and trumpet.
    Nice jazz …


    • This sax player is Michael Hügel and lives in my neighborhood – I several times enjoyed his jazz excursions on his instrument … – he is a very authentic person; once I had to smile when he refused to play MY WAY as demanded by the audience …


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