I will survive

Like every ant or bird, cat or snake: We all want to survive as long as possible. No matter if we are living in Nagasaki or Hiroshima, in my hometown Wuppertal (bombed 1944) or in Novosibirsk (hometown of the featured photographer Valery Titievsky).

1) me sitting in the monorail called Schwebebahn, hanging in the air in my ugly hometown.
2) an evening captured in Novosibirsk.
3) me playing I WILL SURVIVE on my banjo as my daily morning rite.
4) I had the pleasure to meet Nina Nyembwe from Kinshasa, Kongo: she performed I WILL SURVIVE in my current hometown.
I found this mentioned at http://wordpress.com/#!/read/ and reblogged that for http://frizzkolumne.wordpress.com/
my friend Geoff Quinn (San Francisco) wrote as a comment to one of my wordpress pages:
I read the book “Last Train From Hiroshima”, recently, referring to the train they cobbled together after the Hiroshima blast, so they could get to Nagasaki with the news. They arrived just in time to be bombed a second time and those aboard who survived that blast are double nuclear bomb survivors. One, a diligent official, took the news to his superiors who promptly lambasted him for spreading traitorous rumors. He had the last word though as the blinding flash of the second bomb proved his point. He survived, though into Hell. And I was interested that it was his belief in the end — after so many survivors has succumbed to leukemia, lymphoma in the next five years — that one should do small acts of kindness in this world to keep one’s humanity. I find myself trying to do that, especially when I become preoccupied and self-involved with the problems of daily life.
myself sitting in the monorail called Schwebebahn, hanging in the air in my ugly hometown Wuppertal- photo via flickr.com by Frizztext
Frost & cold
photo via flickr.com by Valery Titievsky, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation; click on the photo to enter his flickr.com collection or view the most interesting photos of Valery on black background via Photos of Valery Titievsky
myself playing on banjo Gloria Gaynor’s I WILL SURVIVE

Nina (coming from Kinshasa), Lutz (keyboards) and Michael (saxophone): “I will survive”, performed in my current hometown

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

Atomic Weapon We want survive Image via Wikipedia

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22 responses to “I will survive

  1. Your banjo playing brings a new perspective to the song. It’s very moving and very good. I’ve never heard it played on the banjo before. …And reading your post above…..some of my ancestors were from Hiroshima…..


  2. You played in my dining room on Saturday night while I uploaded photos and knit! Nice accompiament. Surviving in Pittsburgh!


  3. Northern Narratives

    Yes, small acts of kindness are so important. Thank you for the music and another great post.


  4. theWomanAtTheWell

    You start your day with my prayer, I will survive. The banjo song was lovely, I enjoyed the smile at the end to 🙂 -watw


  5. Great music and hope we can live as long as possible. 🙂


  6. The first black and white photo is wonderful. The depth of field is fantastic as are all the patterns. I have never heard the banjo played in quite that style of music–it was lovely. My nephew plays the banjo and fiddle, but more on the bluegrass style. Hiroshima–I visited the museum there when I was a child.I can’t begin to tell you how frightening those images were for a ten-year old child . . .


  7. *dances with the music* I will survive!


  8. thirdhandart

    Beautiful photos, music and article! Don’t change a thing. It’s perfect!

    When I first read the title – I Will Survive – I thought of Gloria Gaynor’s song – I Will Survive. (It’s available on YouTube.) Gloria Gaynor’s song motivated me to survive when I was a single parent struggling to support my oldest daughter. My oldest daughter was born in June 1978 and the song by Gloria Gaynor was released in October 1978 while I was working as a spot welder in a factory that manufactured metal toolboxes.

    Yes, I admit it… I liked disco (way back when it was popular)!


  9. grannydog

    Until now, I had never heard ‘I Will Survive’ played on a banjo, nicely done! And, of course, your photos are outstanding. 🙂


  10. Great photos and music Frizztext – thanks for brightening my day!


  11. You are such a great artist and music testimonial. You always brighten up my day. HI to your wife and daughter xoxo ♥


  12. How great to see and hear you play. There is just something about this song that fires up the soul.


  13. My browser is refusing to play your rendition of “I will survive.” But I must hear it and I will come back when the computer is in a better mood!”


  14. The Wuppertal Schwebebahn is one of the most bonkers amazing things I’ve ever seen. It’s like something out of a Thomas Pynchon novel or a set for a kind of retro Bladerunner. Thanks for introducing me to this, I agree it does nothing for the aesthetics of the town, but I kind of love it.


  15. I love the black and white photos very much… great choice of song too. We will all survive. 😉


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  18. I enjoyed this post very much. I am always in awe of those who can play an instrument … and … from memory without music. My husband often plays his clarinet or trumpet for pleasure and I get to enjoy his wonderful rendition of songs. Thank you for the banjo playing.


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