I like to play guitar

photo by Marc Lamote featuring me (left) and my friend Klaas (right) discussing a guitar composition. We always have many fun playing together. Klaas sings and plays rhythm guitar, I try to create some melody improvisations. It’s our tribute to the sixties when we were young. Now we are old and looking back emotionally. Marc Lamote caught the moment of dialogue very well, I think. Sometimes, when I am a listener I try for myself, to make portraits of musicians, see the 6 photos below. Click on the pictures to enter my flickr galleries …
1in-discussion2waldemar parra + kai heumann
3Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson4Michael-with-Nina-Nyembwe
5INGA and ALEX6Andrey Shilov - Musician
1 – Gennadiy Pilch in rage
2 – Waldemar Parra and Kai Heumann
3 – Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson
4 – Michael Hügel and Nina Nyembwe
5 – Inga and Alex in trance
6 – Andrey Shilov and Cappuccino
1 – Marc Lamote’s photo galleries at smugmug
2 – my article, featuring Marc Lamote, the “Leica Man”

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