Dick Martin – Calliope Rag

photos and video by Frizztext
we enjoyed Dick Martin, banjo player from Sweet Home – Oregon, who performed together with his German friends (Kulus) at Fiddlers Irish Pub, Bonn, 24th of September. The banjo he played, a VegaVox 2, was a famous one: once owned by Harry Reser.
thanks for the informations to Sean Moyses, who organized the banjo players meeting …

Dick Martin plays together with his wife Anna Tewes and his German friend JΓΌrgen Kulus from Leonberg; the title of the composition: Calliope Rag (imitating the whistles of a Mississippi steam boat)

Harry Reser

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14 responses to “Dick Martin – Calliope Rag

  1. Memorable musical moment Frizztext, I’m happy that you shared it. Great video, by the way, I like the background, books, keyboard, and banjo playing. Have a great afternoon!


  2. Another enjoyable banjo post πŸ™‚ I owned a banjo once, many years ago, and was learning to play it. While I was away visiting my family one weekend however, my ex sold the thing! Never bought another one. Listening to all the banjo music you’ve been posting lately though, I’m seriously thinking about buying another one and learning to pick. . . again. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m enjoying the banjo posts with accompanying music. πŸ˜‰


    • dear Elizabeth, every day, step by step, I will upload more of the world of banjo players. I discovered there’s a hidden lifestyle community of musicians – far away from expensive stage acts with big audiences, more a meeting on a family and friends level, not amplified. myself, I’m not a very talented player, bluegrass is very difficult, also Johann Sebastian Bach on the banjo (Bela Fleck, he can) – but old time banjo, gospels, simple blues: it seems to be allowed there in those Irish Pubs; that soothes my soul; by the way, in your very near in Brooklyn, I’ve heard from the JALOPY theater, RED HOOK project: great!!!
      would be my paradise to listen there. it seems, that a banjo repair shop is also located in the great building; sorry, too far away from Germany …


  4. northernnarratives

    I also enjoy the banjo posts and the music πŸ™‚


  5. Great photos, too…
    I particularly like the atmosphere created by all the light flooding in the window in the first…


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  7. continuing banjo festival report no. 106:


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  10. NEXT:
    Soest, NL
    Gebouw-Building ‘Jazz Place Artishock’
    Steenhoffstraat 46a – 3764 BM Soest – Holland


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