Sean Moyses Banjo Player

photo and youtube video (channel frizzguitar) by Frizztext / frizzguitar

the great banjo player Sean Moyses together with Clive “Mighty Sousaphone” Fenton featuring “I see you in my dreams” at Fiddlers Irish Pub in Bonn, Germany on Saturday 24th of September 2011
now: “The world is waiting for the sunrise” by Sean:

Sean Moyses – – he played together with Ken Aoki, met banjo-God Tim Allan or, in his early days, Mr. Acker Bilk, The Pasadena Roof Orchestra and so on – a lifelong dedication to the world of banjo!
more about SEAN MOYSES banjo career:

other videos found at youtube:
some of these days

Dueling Banjos with Sean Moyses and Ken Aoki

tea for two in Japan

mr. sandman in Japan

I’m looking over, 2006 Bonn

Take your pick 2006 Bonn

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19 responses to “Sean Moyses Banjo Player

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  7. black and white photos from the banjo festival 2011 at Fiddlers Irish Pub, Bonn Germany, shot by my friend Marc Lamote


  8. nightly I discovered on TV the RED HOOK JALOPY THEATER project with old time banjo players –
    and thought: they had a similar idea like Sean Moyses organizing a banjo festival in Fiddlers Irish Pub, Bonn, Germany


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  10. I’ve always loved the sound of the banjo, and you have given us an abundant of riches in the last couple of posts. Thank you! :-)


  11. Sure makes me wish I had musical talent! :)


  12. Ah, yes the banjo! Just the sound of the instrument brings happiness and energy to one’s ears! Thanks for the post and fun songs–wish I had been there! If you don’t mind, I added your blog profile to my blogroll. Have a great day!


  13. I was trying to “whiz” through the blogs today in an effort to get caught up with all my blogging friends. Then I arrived at this page and got “stuck!” I enjoy all kinds of music, but something about the banjo. . . don’t know what it is but I could listen to it for hours on end. You got me with the banjo! :-D Thanks for a fun, banjo post today.


  14. My limited knowledge of the world of banjo has increased significantly!


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