Cat And Lion

“Eye contact or NOT eye contact“: that’s always the basic question of portrait photography
(my wife Barbara trying to introduce Marc Lamote)
photo by Frizztext / Barbara F.
Marc Lamote supported with his Leica camera his wife during the banjo player meeting at Fiddlers Irish Pub in Bonn, Germany.

Visit his photo collection, introducing this event via
photos by Marc Lamote, introducing Catou Pecher (Banjo) & Leo De Potter (Gypsy Guitar)
Catou Pecher (Banjo) & Leo De Potter (Gypsy Guitar) nicknamed “CAT & LION”:

performing an own composition; just for fun they play once a week in a Café in Brussels, Belgium. Entrance free.

video by Frizztext

another video found via youtube:

photos of marc lamote:
photos by marc lamote, introducing Sean Moyses

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11 responses to “Cat And Lion

  1. I like the “never ending rag”, it sounds great, with the split banjos, instead of unison, It really brings out the melodic line. Thanks for sharing these wonderful music with us!


  2. Eye contact is very important not only for portrait photography but also communication. 🙂


  3. northernnarratives

    Love the music you share with us 🙂


  4. thirdhandart

    The black and white photos by Marc Lamote are stunning! Thank you for sharing the wonderful music too!


  5. It’s amazing – such different effects created by direct visual interaction (or lack there of) with a subject…


  6. I read somewhere that no eye contact is better for men; eye contact for women…


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  8. I like that shot of Marc… 🙂


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