The world is waiting for the sunrise

The world is waiting for the sunrise …
don quichote's fight vs. the windmills...
photo by Frizztext
The world, is waiting for the sunrise.
Every rose is covered with dew.
And while, the world, is waiting for the sunrise.
My heart is calling you.
chord progression for guitarists:
C:0003 – C:5553 – C:0358 – E:12,12,10,10
F:88 Fo:87 – C:87 A:55 – D:5555 – Dm:55 G:33
sitting in my early morning garden, playing banjo – happy that the sun appeared …

Banjo in the garden
me, sitting in my garden playing old time banjo

evening glow ...
photo by Frizztext
perfect banjo version by Tim Allan:

the version played by Sean Moyses played at Fiddlers Irish Pub, Bonn, Germany 2011:

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19 responses to “The world is waiting for the sunrise

  1. Great and lovely shot.:)


  2. What a stunning dawn!
    Beautifully captured, sir!


  3. related:
    TIM ALLAN dueling with himself…


  4. Beautiful sunrise! And I love the banjo. . .love it! . . . so I appreciated the banjo music quite a lot.


  5. northernnarratives

    Beautiful photos and great music. Thanks 🙂


  6. Pajarillo57

    Very very nice!
    Enjoying music and flowers!


  7. me sitting in our garden too, on a sunny (summer) afternoon:


  8. Yesterday I had downloaded the sunrise,sunset pro app to keep track of them and then your post arrived . Lovely purple pinwheel twirl while you played your banjo in the colorful garden.
    Enjoyed your post


  9. Beautiful photos. Makes me want to see sunrises all over the world. I love the feeling when you wake up early and go outside, it is chilly but you know soon the sun is going to warm up everything!


  10. LOVE the sunrise pic! Great shot!


  11. Stunning shot… Is that Santorini? Captivating! 🙂
    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂


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