Bridge into the past

When I discovered this old banjo hard case I was fascinated – and I entered a bridge into the past …
photo by Frizztext
the German owner tells about the history of this banjo case, once owned by the famous Harry Reser:
This banjo case displays some unusual additions: stickers from Heidelberg, Formosa and Alaska, as well as full name and address of its former owner (not visible in the photo). Harry Reser traveled extensively for the USO to perform for the entertainment of the troops, which for instance in Formosa yielded a performance for 5000 people. Especially when there was something related to Eskimos he was tempted to use it, as it reminded him of his most successful band “The Clicquot Club Eskimos”. The “Eskimos” were most popular between 1924 and 1933 when they would broadcast live and across the US in their own weekly radio program. Shortly before the Clicquot company sold out to Pepsi Cola there was a re-launch of then more modern and contemporary “Eskimos” throughout 1951. In Europe Clicquot is associated with the famous French champagne “Veuve Clicquot“, this being the original branch of the family. It is reported that both, the French and the American Clicquot branches, were not aware of each other’s endeavors in the field of beverages.
P.S.: Juergen Kulus (right), who played together with Dick Martin (left) at Fiddlers Irish Pub on 24th of September
listen to the banjo trio playing “If I Had You”: in the middle Jürgen Kulus (Germany), left Dick Martin (USA), on the right side Tom Stuip (Netherlands)

– soon more photos and videos featuring Jürgen Kulus

Harry Reser

Image via Wikipedia

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10 responses to “Bridge into the past

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  2. northernnarratives

    An interesting story, I love the old case, especially the stickers. Judy


  3. sent along to some banjo playing friends.


  4. thirdhandart

    Very interesting post. Love the old bango case and your wonderful photo of it!


  5. What a great tribute to the banjo


  6. What a fascinating story… and I love the line a bridge to the past.. 🙂


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