Architecture is like a language

Loft Light
“One can easily imagine a language consisting only of orders and messages in battle, or a language consisting only of questions and an expression of affirmation and negation. And countless others. To imagine a language means to imagine a life form.”
Quotation (translated by frizztext), introducing Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951), Austrian-born philosopher, professorship in philosophy at the University of Cambridge (1939 – 1947)

What we can say about languages (of peer groups, companies, nations), we also can analyze in architectures. There are unfriendly, domineering, egocentric, daunting buildings – and there are friendly, inviting, questions admitting ones…
Was man über Sprachen sagen kann – und Gruppen, Völker, Konzerne – könnte man auch über Architekturen sagen. Es gibt abweisende, herrische, egozentrische, einschüchternde – und es gibt freundliche, einladende, Fragen zulassende …


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10 responses to “Architecture is like a language

  1. Fantastic colors and that castle is majestic. 😉
    Which one is this and where is it locate Bavaria?


  2. hi Eliz:
    another shot from my favorite castle:
    Burg (=castle) ELTZ
    near the rivers Rhine and Mosel, Germany
    it’s geotagged


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