On the function of music

In my mother tongue, I have often written critical, philosophical essays on the sociological function of music. About Opera music, military music, church music, commercial pop music, the roots of the blues. I still remember with amusement, when during a philosopher congress in Hamburg my theses about military music provoked the outrage of the conservatives or the editor of a church magazine in Nuremberg lost his job, because he let me write a long essay about the manipulation by hymns.
Recycled Furniture - Bed to Bench
I have turned my back still shaken by the ostentatious expenditure, which was celebrated by music companies for mediocre stage shows. My heart melted always there when I came to the beginnings of black American music. Perhaps because the suffering, which is also part of a basic human experience, is not suppressed in the Blues.
P.S.: below: me on my metal Dobro guitar playing a cover of “Man of constant sorrows”

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