Faces of things

Sometimes we think, oh this thing is looking at me with eyes! Oh my God, imagine, if things could talk!

Tribute to Francois + Jean ROBERT
by Frizztext

maybe you are interested to read my book-review at amazon.com about FACES by the photographer-brothers Francois and Jean ROBERT!
A bell back looks sadly: it is the arc-shaped sad mouth (to fast or slow the clock’s internal spring), the nose is the rotary button for minutes, the eyelid-heavy eyes are the dropped rotary buttons for clockwork and wake-noise. A brown brief case opens its zipper like a clumsy civil servant, a branch cut shear reminds rather of penguins from Patagonia as to the market garden, where it was robbed visually. After few exercise minutes one recognizes, that for many things a human face is the subtle designed basis. Radios and little house fronts, brushes, kitchen utensils, measuring tools: though produced for technical work, they nevertheless in a subtle way shake and wake that human in us, which was lost apparently. Was the plug socket designer sad, when he drew, wanting to give us secretly references on a work dead end offering no prospects with small wages? The manufacturer of the measuring instruments – did he miss to be surrounded by animals at his assembly-line?

Pasta Maker
title=”Pasta Maker” by kjatexas
something is coming out
of the nose – or the
mouth (bla-bla words?)

The selection of the photographers Francois and Jean Robert pulled to the light, which was meant perhaps only as anonymous report – or did not even turn out for the creators in consciousness, because their subconsciousness (Unterbewusstsein, Sigmund Freud), before being pushed and blocked up by the reasonable control, broke through: uncensored like dreams, which sometimes bring up for discussion, what they want instantly, (and not what our overcautious political correctness is demanding). The world of the emotional expressions, which was lost in the arms of technology – this lost world seems to have in-crept secretly back into the tiny articles, like doing a soul migration as known by the Hindus, – the purchase products seem to have been inspired like African art, propelled by a magic, pre-religious charm.
Therefore “FACES” is not only a book for designers or Voodoo specialists, but also a book for children, usually more alive and creatively searching and feeling than adults! At least the hidden souls of animals in all those technical objects: Kids are able to identify them, I am sure!
This tiny, square book is a manifest of searching for our lost emotional roots again!


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  1. Edgar the Engine
    Edgar the Engine
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  2. title=”so sad” by Dappers
    so sad
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  3. tipp: visit the photo collection of Werner Schnell at


    Gesichter = FACES


  4. Have a wonderful weekend !
    title=”Have a wonderful weekend !”
    by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream)


  5. Excellent selection… I love the brillaint photos you offer up daily, adds color to my day. Thank you!
    I like the fact that you also used you comments box… very creative! 🙂


  6. enjoy your weekend !
    title=”enjoy your weekend !”
    by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream)


  7. spion :: spy
    title=”spion :: spy” by stemerk44, on Flickr


  8. related:
    I do not give names to things but I am living in a mood of empathy, that makes me believe, they are talking to me. sometimes I make portrait-shootings with things: I like the song lyrics by Ry Cooder: If things could talk (doors, door-bells, beds etc.) I also like the paintings of James Rizzi: it seems that the houses are talking to us …


  9. title=”faces” by susonna, on Flickr


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    my oldest camera watching jealously my latest camera


  14. you look so - äh - different !
    title=”you look so – äh – different ! by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream), on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!


  15. 27.03.2011, Israel, Tiberias, Prima Hotel, Room 701, socket
    title=”27.03.2011, Israel, Tiberias, Prima Hotel, Room 701, socket by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream), on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!


  16. Großmaul / bocazas o cara dura ;-)
    title=”Großmaul / bocazas o cara dura 😉 by susonna, on Flickr


  17. monday blues...
    title=”monday blues… by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream), on Flickr


  18. Anonymous

    eine schöne Sammlung…


  19. thanks...^+^
    title=”thanks…^+^ by Mr. Greenjeans


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  22. Bürokrat // Monday Blues
    title=”Bürokrat // Monday Blues”
    photo by Werner Schnell Images
    (2.stream), on Flickr


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