Witchcraft Trial

a witchcraft trial, painting oil on wood by Frizztext

One of my wife’s ancestors was accused in a witchcraft trial – but lawyers saved her life. Her name: Dorothea_Becker, born 1536 | gone 1609. She was accused by the catholic church to be a witch, death sentence (by fire); but lawyers from the university of Muenster fought for her and saved her life versus the trials of “Inquisition“. Thankfully Dorothea Becker organized a fond, to support poor students of her descendants, if they would study on the university of Muenster. The uncle of my wife Barbara Cloer-Vedder-Fritze, Carl Wigge, was one of those, who got money from Dorothea Becker. P.S.: After many years in prison, free at last, she had to pay for the food in the prison! Level of justice during those trials, a typical test like this: They threw the woman into the water, hand in chains. Judges said: If she dies in the water, going down to the ground, then the devil called for her. But if she survives with head above the water, she is so very bad and full of sin, that even the devil does not like her: We must kill her by fire.


Persecution of witches

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Eine der Vorfahren meiner Frau, Dorothea Becker, war im 16. Jahrhundert in einem Hexenprozess angeklagt. Mutigen Rechtsanwälten gelang es, sie vor dem engstirnigen und hassenswerten Gebaren der katholischen Kirche zu retten…
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  10. what an amazing story to go with your painting.. wow. your painting captures the era and the unbelievable history.. i suppose we have come a little distance… ethnobotany is more accepted, though i still am careful when i reach for leaves and hand them to someone for an easy cure. i did that this week and gave to bob before he left town, just in case he needed emergency rx for eating bad food…

    this was a great story; you should repost it… z


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