Barbara Fritze, Photographer

Barbara Fritze, female photographer, this time not behind the camera – visit her own photos at

Barbara Fritze *1946, female photographer (fashion, portrait, erotic) – independent since 2008, 1993-2005 director of a photo studio in ESSEN, Germany. Participant in “Art Cluster Wuppertal”. Education: In 1964-1967 (Dortmund, Arnsberg). Involved in the production of exhibit catalogs, portrait books, DVD-port folios …
*1946, Portrait-Fotografin – selbständige Fotografin seit 2008, zuvor Studio-Leiterin in Essen (1993-2005), Teilnehmerin am “Kunst-Cluster-Wuppertal”. Ausbildung: 1964-1967 (Dortmund, Arnsberg). Beteiligt an der Herstellung von Ausstellungskatalogen, Portrait-Büchern, DVD-Portfolios …

Barbara Poster

abandoned palace++hallway of hope
Baroque Paradox+Tango 064+Hair + Chair
Selfportrait, Barbara
The Photographer Barbara FRITZE awakens with their models in various places always a combination of artful dreams vs. reality, of fantasy vs. architecture as a bridge to new identities. The result of those series: The strong, modern women in dialog with a sensitive photographer – they often find some new, surprising angles of views to themselves …
two of her many books:
photo-books+ELBA Session


Die Fotografin Barbara FRITZE erweckt zusammen mit ihren Modellen an verschiedenen Orten immer wieder ein kunstvolles Zusammenspiel aus Traum und architektonischer Realität, aus Phantasie und planendem Aufbruch in neue Identitäten, aus lyrischer Versunkenheit und selbstbewusstem Gestaltungswillen. So entstehen Fotoserien mit starken emanzipierten Frauen, die sich im Dialog mit der einfühlsamen Fotografin oft überraschend neu kennenlernen. Mode, Portrait, kunstvolle erotische Fotografie oder die Dokumentation von Tanz-Episoden – sie zeigen jenseits der meist zum Klischee verkommenen Attitüden des Fotografen-Handwerks ein Konzept, das tiefenwirksam und eindeutig künstlerisch ist.…—dietmar-fritze-596287558556……


interview-video, produced by Claus Barteczko, medienzunft Hattingen:

black and white works:
nonchalance+Serie über Schwangerschaft, 64+natural light
1. “Nonchalance” 2. “Serie über Schwangerschaft” 3. “Natural Woman”, all B&W photos by Barbara Fritze

Barbara's anniversary+factory hall exhibition
photo above: Exhibition in Wuppertal, Arrenberger Höfe;
actually there is an exhibition in the Art Hotel Körschen in Essen more via Art Hotel Körschen, Essen, Germany 45127 Essen, Hindenburgstraße 6 map: map

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23 responses to “Barbara Fritze, Photographer

  1. astrid

    I saw the movie
    wonderful work not 1 that I don’t like.
    and so true about flash light and lampen.
    here already famous!


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  3. Cool. I was wondering when you were going to introduce us to Barbara. What a dynamic, talented lady. Kudos!
    I’ve been on college visits with my twins hence my absence…
    Finally catching up on comments!


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  5. Jackie Paulson 1966
    Jackie has new blog
    Just realized who your hubby was. 🙂
    You are so pretty. 🙂


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  7. related:
    the history of my wife’s family, back to 1350 and to a witchcraft trial 1600 vs. her ancestor Dorothea Becker during the times of INQUISITION by Catholic Church …
    a witchcraft trial
    One of my wife’s ancestors was accused in a witchcraft trial – but lawyers saved her life. Her name: Dorothea_Becker, born 1536 | gone 1609. She was accused by the catholic church to be a witch, death sentence (by fire); but lawyers from the university of Muenster fought for her and saved her life versus the trials of “Inquisition“.


  8. related:
    My wife Barbara F., professional photographer, had the job to make portraits for a family. This family was kind enough to give permission, to feature some of the photos on my website. My wife also made a book from this session, because the photos are very stylish following a duo-tone concept.


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  11. soon my wife will have an exhibition in an ART Hotel in Essen …


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  15. Barbara is so talented, such refreshingly different work.


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  17. Wonderful work! Aren’t you proud?! [rhetorical question of course!]


  18. Wolfgang Hermann

    a great phtotographer
    a wonderful sensible work
    love the unusual backgrounds
    :-))) wolfgang



    Just amazing work to see especially in person !


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