Nuremberg History

From a city like Nuremberg many hostilities went out. The Nuremberg Laws were terrible, there was the receipt in 1945 with the Nuremberg Trials. The fate of Kaspar Hauser on the other hand is not very known (but maybe typical for Germany). But good things also thrived in this city: the genius of Albrecht Dürer here could unfold. For me he was one of the first bloggers.

Nuremberg-Castle by Frizztext
above: Nuremberg-Castle, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

below: the studio of Albrecht Dürer, the first who used multiplication by press tools with great effect:
read more about Albrecht Dürer at duerer-house

below: covered bridge near the place, where once Kaspar Hauser was found, the man who could not talk …
read more about Kaspar Hauser at flickrcomments: kaspar-hauser

read more about the racism catastrophy done in the Third Reich at wikipedia: Nuremberg Laws and wikipedia: Nuremberg Trials

below: men, working for the church. The church did not work for peace enough in the Nazi era – and some centuries before they made some things good, others were horrible: can’t forget the witchcraft trials – because one of my wife’s ancestors had much trouble to escape a planned burning…
more about witchcraft trials at flickrcomments: witchcraft trial

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7 responses to “Nuremberg History

  1. – because one of my wife’s ancestors had much trouble to escape a planned burning-
    Oh my goodnes, just to see these words can send a chill through our bodies. You are right to say that many of these things have been kept hidden. This is a nice continuation of your previous post on Nuremberg and Kasper Hauser. Thank You, Frizz.


    • In history of German law development this was the first case, when lawyers succeeded to fight vs. the church; my wife’s ancestor Dorothea Becker was accused by the catholic church to be a witch, death sentence (by fire); but lawyers from the university of Muenster fought for her and saved her life versus the trials of “Inquisition“. So: sometimes we can be proud, that there is a jurisdiction!


      • wisdom of the church in those days was a typical test like this:

        They threw the woman into the water, hand in chains. Priests said: If she dies in the water, going down to the ground, then the devil called for her.

        But if she survives with head above the water, she is so very bad and full of sin, that even the devil does not like her: We must kill her by fire.


        • This is unbelievable! Why did they accused her of being a witch? The most shocking is that anyone could bear false witness accusing innocent people of witchcraft and took them into account.


          • hi Marianne, yes that was the problem: “…most shocking is that anyone could bear false witness accusing innocent people of witchcraft…” – so they did if something went wrong and their intellect could not find the reason. A hate vs. woman still is in many societies, for my eyes evident in the Arabian world.


      • Very interesting information about the way the justice system worked for this relative. It’s hard to comprehend that these things could have and did occur. It’s why history is very interesting to me. Thank you , Frizz for adding more.



    How simply wonderful is this terra cotta tile????


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