Tracks – result of our lifetime

Year after year passes – and we leave a track like this swan too, metaphorically. What is the result? And what is the sum of our parents and other ancestors? What will be the sum of our lives for our own kids and grandchildren? Which of your footprints, prints, actions, decisions should be mentioned, when you are dead and gone?
On my 65th birthday one of my daughters was kind enough to make a 20 minutes speech. This is, what she said (and maybe that are my tracks): “… You’re still not afraid of conflicts, you do not need any harmony. You’re always going your own way, doing your own thing and no one can confuse you (we know, you wrote the book “The persistence of the philosophers”). These things that you excel, I would like to pass on to my son also: joy, curiosity, openness, creativity and courage, persistence always to go his own way! …” etc.

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