Family History

My wife Barbara F., professional photographer, had the job to make portraits for a family. This family was kind enough to give permission, to feature some of the photos on my website. My wife also made a book from this session, because the photos are very stylish following a duo-tone concept. The book-cover photo is a metaphor of family history, climbing upstairs: from grandfathers brown suitcase to mother’s silvery high heels

We’ve been motivated to understand more of the topic “FAMILY HISTORY” after enjoying two great movies, just featured in Germany:
1) “ALMANYA – Willkommen in Deutschland” – Cinemaxx movie
2) “Liebeskuss am Bosporus” – TV film, ZDF channel, on Monday, April 11th, 20.15

backside of the book:
“duo-tone-session” by Barbara Fritze

links to the movies:

2) “Liebeskuss am Bosporus” – TV film, ZDF channel, on Monday, April 11th, 20.15

inside the book
look inside the book … father’s son with grandfather’s suitcase, climbing upstairs the social ladder …
Almanya, youtube trailer (after a few seconds of advertising):

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7 responses to “Family History

  1. I love it… a beautiful family album and memories. 🙂


  2. related:
    the history of my wife’s family, back to 1350 and to a witchcraft trial 1600 vs. her ancestor Dorothea Becker during the times of INQUISITION by Catholic Church …
    a witchcraft trial
    One of my wife’s ancestors was accused in a witchcraft trial – but lawyers saved her life. Her name: Dorothea_Becker, born 1536 | gone 1609. She was accused by the catholic church to be a witch, death sentence (by fire); but lawyers from the university of Muenster fought for her and saved her life versus the trials of “Inquisition“.


  3. a wonderful work
    a great artist and person
    und im zeitalter der (inzwischen über gleichberechtigung ):
    hinter jeder erfolgreichen frau steht ein erfolgreicher mann

    🙂 wolfgang


  4. compare another stairway portrait,
    done by my wife Barbara:
    Akbar Simonse (2)
    Akbar Simonse in Den Haag


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